I been thinking of doing a very HARD ( and I mean HARD) modelling challenge.
It would be based on a real life object, and people would have a limited amount of time…
I would call it:
What do you guys think?



GO ON!! :bounce: But please keep out of office props or boring stuff…something interesting, mix between hard edge/organic stuff…bug like. AAWESOME!


Ohh I assure you, it is no furniture what I have in mind.



Are we talking speed modelling here, or just complexity?


Complex as hell.



What’s wrong with the current challenges, Roberto? I’d say those are pretty challenging.


I ilike it! Can you give an example of what you had in mind in terms of object and time restraints?


i meant something based on photos, and done in one week.

Just and idea.

And of course it would be a micro challenge.



I think he means more like mini-challenges Leigh.

EDIT: Bet me to it. :smiley:


One can’t be 2 months sleeping 5 hours, u know :smiley: (although im trying!)


Sounds like fun.


definatly in for this, would love to do something like this and with a short period of time with what ive got now, i’d be interested ;D


My only concern is that it is so hard I would be amazed in anybody can finish it.



Well, that’s the point of the challenge, no? To be challenging?
If we don’t finish it, it’s always a learning experience.:slight_smile:


What in the hundred and eight names of Marduk are you scheming, Roberto? I can just see it now: Model the entire cast of Battlestar Galactica, plus their spaceships, to scale, in one week.


hahah… dont give him ideas… but im interested to see whats in the works :smiley:


Or recreate the entire works of Bosch in a day.


:argh: what about this ?


Either that, or he’ll take the phrase “New York Minute” and make it literal in modelling terms.


guess then we cant cheat and use paintfx for the buildings :stuck_out_tongue: