“hand in hand”
“lost tunnel”
“aristocratic beauty”
“elephant, city and the tree”


Time for rock :smiley:
Maybe rock´s song tiles can be a a good subjects for speed paintings:

“Just like heaven”
“Ticket to ride”
“Stairway to heaven”
“Another brick on the wall”
“Comfortably numb”
“Into the mystic”
“Paradise City”
“I shot the sheriff”
“Hit the road Jack”
“Walking in the rain”
“Walk on the wild side”
“Sweet dreams (are made of this)”
“Enter Sandman”
“Stand by me”
“Super Freak”
“Da ya think I´m sexy?”
“Goodbye yellow brick road”
“Beautiful day”
“We gotta get out of this place”
“One more time”
“The other side”
“Nobody’s fault”
“Mystery train”
“Purple Haze”
“Voodoo child”
“Ice cream man”
“Dancing in the street”
“I put a spell on you”
“Paranoid android”
“The thrill is gone”
“Wish yo were here”
“The sounds of silence”
“Ticket to the moon”
“Don´t bring me down”
“Last train to London”
“Captain Crash and the beauty Queen from Mars”
“I got you babe”
“Great balls of fire”
“Bring the noise”
“Staying alive”
“City of hope”
“God save the Queen”
“Welcome to the jungle”
“Oh, what a night”
“Highway to hell”
“Back on black”
“Death on two legs”
“Bohemian Rhapsody”
“Pretending to see the future”
“Raiders on the storm”
“Light my fire”
“Sympathy for the devil”


Bambi meets Mothra
Godzilla meets Cindirella
The Kraken meets the Titans
Blackbeard meets Captain Hook
Achilles meets Ares
The Mayan Temple
Dr. Bloodmoney
The Man in the High Castle
Martian Time
Time out of joint
Worms of Dune


The Bad Guy
Team victory
play it again


power book
a house on a hill
the streets of misery
tunnel rats
restricted area


Party squirrel
The farmer
The hunter
Crazy cat lady
Old friend
Monster in the fridge


Clint Eastwood


Viking Colossus


Silly Putty
Long Road
Hard Time
Dino Rage
Dark Light
Sudden Life
Mind the Gap
Micro Giant


Mini Me Viking. :smiley:


sticky situation
The Golden Mean
Jurassic Stark (haha maybe a dinosaur Iron Man? :slight_smile: )


the Eye of the storm
Ragnar Lothbrok
karate = empty hand


Indiana Scones. :smiley:


It-support. :slight_smile:


The Who’s Who

In a pickle

Blasting Winds

Purple Elevator

Purple Suction Cup

The Ends of The Earth

Tribal Troll

Volcano Worship

Library Dragon

Puppy Squid

Pig in a Blanket

Carrot Wars

We Come in Violence

Best of Show

Why the hell not…

To Legit to Quit

Is This Still Science

We shouldn’t have done that

A For Effort

Why the smile?

Yellow Cabbage

Orange Rocks

Less Brains, More Teeth

More Brains, Less Teeth

The Second to Last Unicorn

Soylent Red

Over Easy


i wish i was human

the iron valley

run for your life

the magic tree

please, do come in


The accident

Ninjas chopping onions



The Newcomer


Behind the green curtain
After dark
Non-musical instrument
Night market
“That’s not where I left it”
The Odyssey
The Dictator goes on holiday
Cat and mouse


twin pigs
Twilight Cone
Males from the Crypt
(this is difficult in English :P)

Tomorrow will be a better day
Beautiful wasp
Tie the knot
Severed emotion


Here is an idea, (short) bad translated foreign (Dutch) sayings:

  • A monkey sandwich.
  • Walking against the lamp.
  • Rather one bird in the hand, than ten in the air.
  • Finding the dog in the jar.
  • Like an elephant in a china shop.
  • Selling apples as lemons.
  • Patience triumph everything.
  • Money does not stink.
  • Neighbours grass is always greener.
  • Falling with the door in the house.