[li]neon green
[/li][li]inside your mind
[/li][li]the executioner’s apprentice
[/li][li]hotel pacifica
[/li][li]endless winter
[/li][li]lunar base alpha
[/li][li]sailboat regatta
[/li][li]the ones who glow by night
[/li][li]show me your hands
[/li][li]8-bit style
[/li][li]no time for feelings
[/li][li]sunrise sunset
[/li][li]circus maximus
[/li][li]cyber suit
[/li][li]have we met?
[/li][li]plastic people
[/li][li]silver and gold
[/li][li]visions of the past


Dragon Fire
The Dance
3…2…1… GO!
After the storm
A Grim Tale
Prince of Thieves
Pocket Monster
The Vault


Roberto’s travels
The back end of nowhere
The hangover


Wet , cold & foggy.

Dry , hot & dirty.


Forbidden love.

Forgotten love.

Encouraged love.

Faked love.

Convenient love.

Forsaken love.


The purple one


I’ve gotta get back to wonderland :wink:

Monkey fight

Magnificent, aren’t they?


The Ugle Wonder
A recipi for disaster
A look at the animal, The Animator.
Poop in my mouth


I suggest the following topics: “Muscle guns”, “animator”, “weed”, “sharks going at it”, “creeps in the forrest”, “awkward turtle”.


This could be a fun “experiment” day… choose your own headline…


The Android
Atomic Man


Sleeping with the Fishes
Its a long way down
no way back now
why me!?
The Poacher


The Musician
A hole in 1
Unemployed Zombie
Look Closer


The crazy cat lady
Capitan awesome
Under the bed
Redo an old piece


Sacks of Gold
Carnivore Party
Unreal Deal
Feeling in love
Military Carnival
Expedition into the unknown


Club Tropicana
In my pocket
That was yesterday
Electric island
Streets of technicolor


The World of Tomorrow, Today!
The Time Traveler
Sexy Villainess
My pet Fluffy
Robo Guardian 9000


Would be nice to pick something really old and get feedback on the (hopefully) improvement.

Edit; And “If I had a [ insert your own invention here]”


I didn’t know where to post it, but I just came across these Japanese Graphicdesign from 1920s-30s
May it’s an inspiration for some ppl.

And a topic suggestion:
Redraw your favorite old arcarde-game. (frogger, pac-man,etc.)


“Too many teeths” ?


don’t know if they have been covered but :

paper thin
eldritch abomination