The Office Beast
The Sand Forest
Liquid Skies
The Fertile Rock
An Armor Of Joy
The Golden Pavement
Love Tyranny
A Fragile Empire
Metal Leaves
A Local Tragedy


RIP Frazzeta.


agree, tribute to Frazzeta.


I don’t know if those are acceptable :

  • Take one of your old sketches, which you posted here, remake it. Different settings but same idea, or simply similar setting but different technique. Post both, along with the subject.
  • Starcraft II




down and dead.


Virtual maniac
The wrong spot
Lost the plot
Almost naked chef


Dumbest criminal
not in time
only survivor
A beautiful dead face


chess champion


visa reject


fish out of water
What’re the odds?
back in style


The drunken King

The waterfalls

The moss creature


all bark and no bite.


Speed of Light
Who is hiding on Mars?


Reap What You Sow


-Fire soul
-The Faun
-Poisonous cake


Oh com’on guys! I’ve tired of this “steve jobbs” and “i-pad” stuff… :frowning:
Let’s paint on more creative themes… The moss creature was alright and made an effect! :buttrock:
I propose this…

Creature of the depths
Creature of the heights


-Fallen leaves
-The tool that made the day
-Unnecessary piece of technology
-A different kind of school

  • Curse
  • Creek
  • Salmon
  • Fairy Tale Fights
  • Lamb to the Slaughter
  • Aesops Fables
  • Cannon Fodder
  • The Cavalry Has Arrived


-Pfff that’s heavy…
-Did I do that?!?
-Repo men
-I swear officer…
-Crazy world
-Hit by a storm
-Mechanical Destroyer
-Alien hot air balloons
-Forest Fire
-Once a thriving city
-Winter Tranquility
-Street Corner
-A wound left open
-The Old Knight
-A walk in the snow
-The rustic inn
-The road
-Steampunk Octopus
-He’s out there somewhere
-Six Shooter
-Morning of the battle
-Arrival at the station
-The Sculptor
-Another rainy day
-Finding the unknown
-Bird Catcher
-Keep a sharp eye
-Let me finish this
-Kill him yourself
-You challenge me, hahaha
-Goose Bumps
-It should be here