• Sentinel
  • Clad in Adamant
  • Age of Discovery
  • Death is only the Beginning
  • Gateway


It wasn’t me…
Damn… where did I put that?


THIS! fantastic idea :slight_smile: (we can have another sticky topic with unfinished doodle suggestions)


[li]Needs more protection[/li][li]Born again[/li][/ul]


Top secret
Somewhere beyond the sea
Quick brown fox
The darkest night


Self-portrait - gothic
Night hunt
Pleasure day
Cloudy morning
Mourning tide


Man of War
The Architect
8th World Wonder

  • 600 pound’s

  • what a wonderful tree

  • human v2.0

  • hot!

  • exotic pet


[li]death rides a horse[/li][/ul]


• the power of music
• deathly sound wave
• giant acoustics
• the impact of voice


[li]under the surface[/li][/ul]
[li]they call him “fish man”[/li][/ul]
[li]underwater city[/li][/ul]


• Future samuraj
• The Desert ruler
• I, disapear
• Running machine


-Shoots, Scores
-Ghost Town
-The Hunt


-just the two of us
-forge an internet meme!

  • Broken Child
  • A Trek of Stars
  • …and there were suddenly two bunnies.
  • Star-crossed
  • An Honorable Death
  • He came from the Dark, the Shadows.


does anyone remember avatar wars?


-Are you talking to me…
-Oh Oh
-John lennon - Imagine
-Muse - Uprising
-What’s that?!?


-Take a picture of one or more clouds (or find a picture online) and sketch what you imagine that cloud to be. Post picture of cloud and the sketch itself in the thread.
-Paint/sketch yourself as a famous rock star (self portrait)
-The young Saddhu



Dragon season
The Sentinel
The Empress of Blades
Temple of chains
The Master of Jewels
Necromantic Research
Halls of Floating Mysteries
Ghastly Mansion
Monolith of Bone
The Winged Burrowers
Clockwork Hydra
Occult Botany
The Ice Ships
Moss Beast
Cloud rider
Forbidden Wilderness
Dwarven Sword Tank
Prismatic Gown
Shield of Thorns
Sensor Network
Bog Strider
Cactus fairy
Undead Cyclops
Grove of Ancient Spires
Abandoned Waterworks
City of Lanterns
Alchemical Gunslinger
Centaur Warlord

All from the random generators found at . Its a useful site if your stuck for inspiration.

  • Altar of god
  • Forgotten battlegrounds
  • Heroes of the future
  • Heroes of the past
  • Monsters under your bed
  • School kids
  • Sleeping animals
  • Movie Mix
  • one and one makes two
  • Lift off
  • Digging deep