Favorite Childhood Toy

  • The final showdown
  • The Mafia
  • The bounty hunter
  • The hunted

  1. sacrifice and regret
  2. love is a many tentacled thing
  3. A woman in every port
  4. evil little things
  5. finding ones way


*panda bears
*old but usefull
*exciting future technology advancment
*OMG where did THAT came from @_@
*the painter
*funky dance moves
*life as a butterfly
*shopping madness


Seed of Corruption
On the tip of your tongue
Pitter patter


-Bionic Rabid Gorilla Grabing the skrilla
-Rapid Voodoo spell caster
-Hotel Trasher
-Devil in a blizzard that makes snow melt faster

  • bearded beauty
  • safety first
  • shocked
  • dusted!

  • Future Western

  • Spring Thaw

  • Submarine Duel

  • What Measure is a Non-Cute?

  • Scaled Up


Venus in Furs

The Summerhouse

Neptunes Daughter


AVATAR WARS! TAG TEAM — its been awhile since we did this an interesting twist would be to have people form teams before hand…or have some auto team choosing method


fools can be king

(and vice versa)


-The worlds greatest salesman.
-Bigger is better
-Things that go bump in the night
-Closet Monsters


The Mismatched Man
Fungus Among Us
Lord of the Ringtails


This one will require a photo of a brick (or concrete) wall to paint on for full effect but I’d love to see/do a Graffiti sketch!


Final outpost
Black and White
Full of life
Lost fragments


It’s kind of like the “Drawings come to life” idea, but maybe something like Legacy40k’s idea, with graffiti creatures busting out of a brick wall photo?


Meaning of Life
Innocence (lots of directions for interpretation)

  • the end

yep, only one :slight_smile:


the last stand

clash of gods

  • long hair
  • talking computer
  • saint
  • rant