• there’s something in my soup
  • cousin it
  • what’s your name, again ?
  • tribute to Monthy python
  • Are you lonesome tonight ?
  • Jesus II, the come back
  • man on the moon
  • holy shit

that’s all folks !

  • “You have failed me for the last time…”

  • Evil Hand

  • Finger Poke of Doom

  • Contemplate Our Navels

  • Cool Chair

  • Names to run away from really fast

  • For want of a nail

chilltill: You, um, might want to update that link a bit, cause if you just click on it instead of right-click and saving, it’s kind of NSFW. :eek:


Operation Global Warming

A glimpse of light



Under the carpet


Lost in the desert


Here goes:

  • The trap!

  • A fly on the fly

  • Craaaazy beans

  • Lucky shot

  • The 40 day marathon

  • Daddy, why do you have 5 eyes?

  • The Submarine Station
  • One Man Band
  • The Sand Castle


zombies ahead


happy loser

sad winner

riders on the storm


Hot Ninja Chick
Hot Medival Chick
Hot Pirate Chick
Hot Space Chick
Hot Prehestoric Chick


The Natural extension of which is Hot Space Pirate Chick, of course!

-Blissful Ignorance
-Arctic Paradise
-The Doomsday Device
-The Explorer
-Miniature Things


(I actually think, that the central point of all this is hot chick. Forget the inner word)

here’s mine :

  • the wrestler
  • the familly portrait
  • here comes the sun
  • the city-world

  • girl and flower ( Valentine day)


here are a few i think would be good, all song titles

  • Don’t let me be misunderstood

  • Before your time

  • Modern marvel


The cave of dreams

Face full of mysteries

Duel of fates


Little cousin


I don’t know if any of these have been done/offered before but:

The Un-United States of America

The Best Musical Instrument

That’s What She Said

Draw Yourself as an Old Man/Woman

First Day at School

  • east vs west

  • self portrait : opposide gender

  • a cube


-The Charge
-The Dark One
-artificial construct

  • Mighty pigeon
  • Friday the 13th
  • Thursday the 12th

  • Opal sky
  • Spring breeze
  • The Carnivore
  • Devil’s tower
  • First bud
  • Crow’s nest
  • Vertigo


From the ‘Why are you an artist’ thread:

<<small boobed elf with an axe>>


  • One of these things, doesn’t belong here.