Topic for NEXT challenge...





sweet! awesome pick. I just hope there’s not a long lull between HMC14 and HMC15 :slight_smile:


ah a challenge on the all time greats? awesome


I would love this one. Already have a ton of ideas.


Time to start a list of REAL SPORT ICONS for this challenge.We are talking here about the REAL deal, not flavors of the month.
[li]Nadia Cominechi[/li][li]Roberto Clemente (My Hero)[/li][li]Jackie Robinson[/li][li]Babe Ruth[/li][li]Ali[/li][li]Tiger Woods[/li][li]Michael Jordan[/li][li]Pele[/li][li]Maradona[/li][/ul]

And BTW Wrestling and Ultimate Fightting will not be part of this challenge.


Chiyonofuji (Sumo)
Mariusz Pudzianowski (World’s Strongest Man)
Graham Hill (Motor racing)
Steve Davis (Snooker)




Ayrton Senna
Michael Scumacher

Joe Montana
“broadway” Joe Namath

Nolan Ryan
Joe DiMaggio

Johan Cruyff
Ferenc Puskas
Alfredo di Stefano

Larry Bird
Earvin “magic” Johnson
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
“Dr J” Julius Erving
Wilt Chamberlain


Rony O’Sullivan (snooker)


Franz Beckenbauer (Soccer)
Tony Hawk (Skateboarding) :smiley:


Valentino Rossi ( Moto GP )


Jackie Stewart (3 x F1 world champ)
Barry Sheene (2 x 500GP world champ)
Red Rum (3 x Grand national winner)
Larry Kahn (19 x tiddlywink world champ :slight_smile: )


Mary Lou Retton (Gymnastics)

Lance Armstrong (Cycling)

Jack Dempsey (boxing)
George Forman
Ray Louis
Sugar Ray Leonard
Marvin Haglar
Tommy Hernes
Mike Tyson

Akebono Taro (Sumo)

Jerry Rice (Football)
Walter Payton
Dick Butkus
Laurence Taylor
Dan Marino
Bubba Smith
Ed “Too Tall” Jones

Pete Maravich (Basketball)
Meadonlark Lemon
Robert Parrish

Benny “The Jet” Urquidez (Kickboxing)
And don’t foget CHUCK NORRIS! :smiley:


LOL! I love it!:beer:


Guys I will do an ACTION STAR challenge soon.

For now, lets concentrate on Sports Icons and Real life Sports Events.


Arg, clothes are my weakness!


Jim Thorpe

Ty Cobb
Lou Gehrig
Ted Williams
Joe DiMaggio
Mickey Mantle
Cal Ripken
Nolan Ryan
Mike Scmidt

Joe Montana (bonus points for including Dwight Clark for “The Catch”?)John Elway
Otto Grahm
Johnny Unitas
Walter Payton

Bill Russel
Larry Bird
Jerry West (in the official NBA logo pose)


Kelley Slater


Good Man!

I vote for Shoeless Joe Jackson in the future sports challenge :cool:


Wayne Gretzky
Bobby Orr
Maurice Richard
Jacque Plante (first goalie to wear a mask)

I could go on but those are pretty iconic figures.
Of course I am missing Lemieux, Crosby, Ovechkin, Howe, Roy, etc but I kept it more to those who made significant changes in the way the game was played.