Top metaverse Looking for 3D Designs!


Hello everyone!
I’m Ross, the community manager over at Pavia Games!
We are building a metaverse and running a competition for people to get creative with some challenging requirements!
Pavia is a metaverse and is built up of 100’000 individual plots of land which were all sold as NFTs in late 2021 and we are looking for anyone that can create 3D scenes!
We want people to get creative and maximize the plot space via the below requirements to build something you would see in the Metaverse! We want people to think outside the box (think ready player one) and the more creative the better!
The Winner will receive a plot of land in the metaverse itself but we are likely to showcase a lot of people’s art!
We have over 80’000 Twitter and discord members and are looking to post and share unique and well-finished designs!
if you already have something pre-made, great! If you want to start from scratch, even better!
To enter either reply to this post with your finished PCA (Pavia compatible asset) or email me
All files must be within the PCA guidelines and must be exported in a .glb file.
Any questions feel free to ask!
Thank you and good luck!


Even though it’s a bot, I still had to laugh at this line.

In our current world, there is a push to get people hooked on subscription services or rent, instead of physically owning their products.

Now imagine the same agenda exists in this digital world? Trying to hoard digital land is completely worthless when it’s just a bunch of One’s and Zero’s that could be deleted at anytime.


Hi Jordan!

Unfortunately, I am not a bot :slight_smile:

I think you may be misunderstood about the metaverse concept. it is a digital map that you will be able to visit and run around in. We sold the land over a year ago and are building the project right now. Users own land in the form of an NFT.

If you have questions I’d be more than happy to answer them :slight_smile:




Yes a single server downtime will cause you not to reach said digital “land” and if the company goes bankrupt the servers hosting this digital world goes down with them losing anything in that “metaverse”. It’s just like an MMO game if the company ends that is the end of the game as well.


Well I’ll apologize for the bot comment. On forums like these, we get a lot of automated responses that serve as advertisements.

As for the metaverse concept, thanks for the explanation although I’m still at odds when it comes to monetizing stuff that’s at the mercy of a server on/off switch.

But whatever. As long as nothing illegal is being done, I wont stop someone from playing with their digital grass.


I can understand it can be confusing.

imagine the sims, where you can build anything you like on your plot of land (no just buildings). Now imagine instead of only being able to see AI plots around you all 100’000 plots are walkable and everyone can build next to each other.

There isn’t an on/off switch. Yes a metaverse traditionally conforms to the same technical issues as games, such as servers. But it’s no different than making assets for a game. Monetization can also come in many different forms which we are working on as we develop Pavia.

but we are really just looking for people to create incredible 3d assets that are creative as possible to showcase on our social medias :slight_smile:


Yes this is technically correct. But you could say that about any game project or metaverse right? We have already sold the land so financially we are stable. We are just looking for people to create some 3d assets thats all :slight_smile:


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