ToonShader Maya7 Test


its amazing … :bounce::bounce::bounce:


That looks great I cant wait to get Maya 7. Good Job!:slight_smile:


Sweet. I’ve been up to my eyes withs a code-freeze at work and trying to get through 3D Buzz’s Maya Fundamentals stuff and haven’t had a chance to play with the Toon Shading in '7 yet. What do folks think of the new navigation compass and universal manipulator. I find the later a little “busy” in terms of the UI (it’s very information rich) - but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.


If you enable intersection color (and set it to black) the eyes will look even niftier (in my humble opinion) :slight_smile:


I quite like both of them! The compass is really cool, though (and it might already do it I’m not sure) I wish it had a “previous camera position” button. The same as the [ hotkey.

The Universal Manipulator is cool too, takes a while to get used to it all though. Is there a way to scale out from the centre of your object? I’m so used to that, that dragging the corners to scale seems weird to me now!


thanks all
Fredrik i will try >>
Jozvex …there is a hotkey for The compass
[ ] in keybord
near the Enter Key in keybord (after p key in the keybord )

this another render MayaSoftware(Toon shader examples in Visor )


Jozvex: If you hold the shift key and scale it with one of the corner manipulators it will constrain it to scale from the center. You can also hold ctrl and constrain it to scale in 1 axis. Also you can hold ctrl on one of the rotation handles and it will constrain the opposite edge of the manipulator, letting you rotate on that constrained edge. It’s pretty neat!


Cool, thanks! I thought there’d be a way.



Wow that looks very cool. I can’t wait to buy maya 7


If you’ve got Platinum you can download it now, otherwise, according to Alias UK it should be available boxed or as an upgrade from the 15th of August.


looks pretty sweet! is free for maya 6 and pretty cool too, if someone missed it…


I personally am not a big Toon Shading kind of artist, but I like how the shading itself is driven off a ramp shader and not specialized nodes; same goes for the outline curves. It’s just a really well developed expansion on existing and already known tools and attributes, making the learning curve a matter of minutes to understand how everything works.

I rushed this out. Not exactly cartoon shading, but a mix of my existing scene and a few minutes of tweaking the ramp shading and applying outline curves.

I’ll probably use toon-shading in some of my everyday work now. Render them out in separate passes, and blend them seamlessly in to add a slightly different look, it tends to break up the perspective a bit, quite intriguing to the eye.


Thanks for the information, ive been trying to find out when i could buy it.


New Test with PaintEffects … :thumbsup:


I have a question. I love Maya 7’s toon features, but I have two problems.

  1. How can I render the outlines in a higher quality? It seems no matter what what I put render quality at, the outlines are always having some antialiasing issues. I can’t seem to get the strokes to render nice and smooth.

  2. How can I get it to display the cartoon shading, like in the Maya demo vids? I can get a realtime preview of the car shading no matter how I try.


To get better quality lines go to:

Render Settings > Maya Software > Paint Effects Rendering Options

And turn on Oversample. It makes the lines a slightly different size but it seems to fix the aliasing.

For your second question I’m not sure what you mean. “get a realtime preview of the car shading no matter how I try.” Did you mean car or cartoon? Because I can’t find any car examples.

To view any of the shading in realtime you just need to press 6 inside a viewport.


in the viewport, select shading—High Quality Rendering.
But you will need a good video card.


To view any of the shading with Lights (this is the Best way for toonshader) in realtime you just need to press 7 inside a viewport and in the viewport, select ( shading -> High Quality Rendering …
But there is a real problem … some times when you turn on the High Quality Rendering the object disappear …
Try this …
create Helix and directional Light
make it Toon with outline and
press 7 … select ( shading -> High Quality Rendering )
The outline is visible But the Helix disappear …
My Graphics Card is 3Dlabs Wildcat Realizm 200 and this card is the Best one for maya …( this is what i think )

To make PaintEffects Like Toon style
covert PaintEffect to nurbs or polygon ( to see the material in Hypershade)
make it toon ( solid Shader ) and Assign outline … you need 3 solid Shaders and 3 outlin for 3 materials
open the Attribute Editor and replace the Out color in In Toon by the material in Hypershade


You don’t need to convert paint effects to poly… just assign the toon shader directly to your paint effects strokes. This may look better, as both the pfx and the toon line will render together in the pfx pass, which helps some line antialiasing issues.

As mentioned you generally need to turn on pfx oversample in the render globals for better antialiasing. Another option is to convert the toon lines to poly… (pfx to poly or toon to poly). Then you can also render with any renderer.

I’ve not been able to reproduce your problem with the helix disappearing. It does sound like a graphics card related issue. It would be helpful if you reported the bug to Alias, including your system specs. Also it is good to try temporarily moving your prefs directory and starting with a default set of prefs. If your prefs make a difference, include the prefs file in the bug description.



Also for flat shading on paint effects just turn off illuminated on the brush.
(Banded tone shading will require convert to poly and use of the ramp shader,