Toolbar is missing


How can I restore the toolbar that is normally above it has gone missing and is it more or does the interface seem a tad bit zoomed in.

-Edit turns out it was a videocard related issue I had to go into desktop and change the card the software chooses to read.
Hp Envy 7 Nividia


Do you still have that problem? So far nothing in the manual says anything about hiding the menu bar.


If you right click on the menu bar you get a popup with a list of open options/editors which you can uncheck to close.

The check at the end of the list has no name and will hide the menu bar if unchecked. There does not appear to be a way to get it back without restarting Silo.


Hi Cinnsealach, thanks for the solution as well as the heads up on this one–that is pretty funky hide menu behavior. I wasn’t aware of it but I’m going to pass it on to Feed/Jamchild and see if we can get that cleaned up.