Too Many Pets, Michelle Boulad (2D)


Title: Too Many Pets
Name: Michelle Boulad
Country: Australia
Software: Painter

I painted this for the monthly theme at a children’s illustration club…this months theme is ‘underwater’.

The two mermaids at the top are concerned about the number of pets their sister/friend has brought into their little cave…I think they’re getting ready to lead some out the entrance :slight_smile:

Painter and wacom intuos. Not sure how much time I’ve put into this, maybe 25 hours? more or less…

Crit and comments welcome. The anatomy is not so good, I know…pointers in that area are particularly welcome.


I didn’t realize the anatomy issue until I read the description. :slight_smile: I don’t think it matters too much, as the lovely details in this picture are just astonishing. But what I like best is the color composition. 4 stars from me. :thumbsup:


Ohh wow beautifull piece Michelle…I really liked the colors there…Nice execution…I really liked the painting style there…Good work…Keep up the good work…All the best…Cheers:)


Great work Michelle, I like the image a lot. The coulouring is great, and it´s really well detailed. I see something weird about the back of the red mermaid, I think her backs line should be more on her right, not so visible. Anyway it´s a great image. Congrats Michelle.


Ischwara, hasansgrafix, and mikeldi thank you very much for your comments!

Mikeldi, I didn’t pick that up about the back, thanks…I believe you’re right, I’ll have a go at fixing it :slight_smile:


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