Tony`s Art dump


Hey everyone … The goal from this sketchbook is to be able to see how I progress, and have some courage to actually finish my stuff :blush: , and of-course take some feedback as I go along , Thank you

What I been up to these days :


Horse inspired from tangled

turntable :


Anatomy Study


SuperMan bust


Detective Holmes

alot of images sorry for that :banghead:


I started this hoping to complete it and make a complete character




updates !! :smiley:
working more on the face

hope you like it and maybe get some feedback from you guys


Blocked out the pants still lots of things to add


Some really nice stuff here, very clean meshes! I think Holmes is my favourite :o)


very nice sculpting. but you have some anatomy issues going on. the muscle flow of the last image should look like this. notice the red marked areas. i did a quick paintover how the muscle should crease in the skin correctly. see attached image


Piek : Wow Glade you like it :smiley: means alot coming from you :bowdown:

The_FubaR : thank you for taking some time to draw this :wink: will work on it more


Update , sketching my idea for cloth and some proportions change
crits and opinions are welcome


Blocking out everything


the cloths are not final they are just quick blocking sorry I forget to say so

did some changes on the body , the forearm and also some proportions tweaking



I saw this concept at , lots of cool stuff there
thought of giving it a try


more tweaking


Turntable of the face



some really cool work …
i really like the horse and the cartoony gladiator … although the bust from sherlock holmes… is nice too …

nice stuff all around :slight_smile:



sweeet!! :smiley: very glade you like my work :beer: means alot coming from you :applause: thanks man very appreciated


Some more doodles



Really cool stuff, much of variety and different styles too… what about some more texturing and shading/rendering work? Keep it up! :thumbsup: