Tomorow City, Shuai Yang (2D)


Title: Tomorow City
Name: Shuai Yang
Country: China
Software: Photoshop

I’m always think about what the future city looks like, maybe like this, or maybe is a new form we never seen. All I want is ride on a mini aircraft one day, so I can observe the city from all the degree.


A lot of good concept ideas in this painting. I also like futuristic city painting and I’m always in respect for all the hour of detailing this kind of view require.
My critiques are :

  • About the color palette, may be it’s purely a personnal taste, but I don’t think mixing this blue / electric violet / green make a good balanced mix.
  • About the values, they already working, but with more exageration they can enhance the depht considerably.
  • About the perspective ; some buildings appear to be flat or having their own.

I hope you will do again this kind of futuristic city scape with this kind of enhancement. It could be a ‘killer’ artwork. :thumbsup:


to DeeVad: thanks very much for your comment. Although I drawed this picture with concentrated attention, I still can’t avoid some mistakes .but with the improving of the understanding, I think I will drive the drawings one day :slight_smile:


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