Tomb Raider Underworld Wii Characters ( image heavy )


Hey all,

  I'm, very happy to say that Tomb Raider Underworld for the Wii has shipped!
  which means I can show yaal some stuff =D
  All these characters were done by yours truly, modeled and textured, minus the model for Alister...As well as the Model and Texture of Lara's Head and her Gear.

that was done by my good friend Jon Rush [](
  Some of the characters were unfortunately cut from the budget.
  Hope you like em, they were definitely a learning experience.

Lara’s Head and Gear model, and textures done by Jon Rush


more characters


more characters



DAMMMMM! this is fu©#ing AWSOME!!!


beautiful man…love the hand painted goodness.


Lovely Clean work - particularly impressed with the animals/creatures

Excellent stuff mate :thumbsup:


Very impressive work KeepItEvil. Very clean and crisp work.

I just finished the 360 version over December. Seems like there are quite a few extras (characters) on the Wii version.



Awesome work man! I forgot that you did so many chars for this game… that tiger still blows me away


the tiger is really great! nice work


Thank you sir!

Yeah they unfortunately cut a ton of the character work we did out, but i wanted to showcase them anyhow =)



5 stars from me dude :slight_smile:

Your work turned out really well. This stuff makes other Wii games look like a joke!


Nice stuff there,
nice and clean model with good textures, thanx for sharing :cool:


wow great models there,i love the texture work on all of them.Maybe the eyes of the panther are a little too big but thats nothing compared to the greatness of the others.
Keep showcasing these stuff so we can learn more. :slight_smile:


Thank you everyone for your kind comments!



Lovely work, I never played the wii version but i remember it looking alot worse in game and not doing your hard work justice :slight_smile:

Were the textures sizes halved in game? Keep up the good work.


Excelent Work KeepItEvil.

Model are clean, and impressive Work on texture

Keep up :thumbsup:


thank you =D

Yeah unfortunately the budget got foobar’d and they cut a ton of characters and the resolution of the textures.

such is the life of a character artist hehe.


very nice low poly work!


Yeti Thrall is so emo!

Nice work. :slight_smile:


Big fan of the Tiger and Polar Bear. Panther is rather slick too :slight_smile: