Tom Hudson proposes Autodesk!


Oh OK. Can’t say I usually see people who ACTUALLY are from big shops saying what a big shop would or would not do in regards to Blender.
I’ve occasionally pipped up explaining why some of the ideas people entertain about facilities with a capable RnD department and a large OSS project are somewhat mis-aligned to the reality of things, but that’s about it, and that’s probably the most I’ve seen discussed other than “outsiders” dishing it out here and there.

Most of the time it’s someone who’s never worked in one stating with extreme confidence what the big shops do :wink:
This thread seems generally free of that though.


I took several serious tryouts of blender hoping to use-it for personal projects and eventually, freelance.
Unfortunately, as pointed by someone earlier, it’s a bit of a “fan-fiction”. Lots of features and potential, but many of them are unfinished, barely usable or have stagnated years ago. A bit like Max :)…
It would be great though if more experienced people could give a hand in developing and establishing a roadmap.


Believe me, is not true. You have to struggle a bit with it, blender has some different paradigms (like softimage has big difference from maya or cinema) but is only a different point of view for resolving the some problem (also animation in blender is very good, one of few in my experience can be assimilable to great softiamge animation tools with a nice playback fluidity (not like maya or softimage, but is more close in my experience)
Be sure, before start, to cage in user preference selection, from right click to left click and confirm on release. In any case be sure to follow one of the many tutorial (one, blender insideout is aimed to just used 3d artists from other packages).
Blender is not amateurish, is different. Be patient and learn it, blender worth to be learn. The community ( will give you a great help, also CGcookie, Blender Guru, Blender Diplom, and the channel Blender tutorial on youtube give a great help (and in many case the tutorials have a very professional result and many times are totally free)

If you work with big studio and need some proprietary file format or need to do heavy FX, well, hardly blender can help you. In archiviz (due vray bridge), games and many many others tasks blender is a great, free, swiss kinife


I did learn-it quite a bit and came to those conclusions I’m afraid. It’s a very good honest initiative by a group of very talented people, but it lacks in many respects. My humble opinion is that it’s because you need to pay experienced developers if you want the boring and hard stuff to be done and the features developed all the way. For an open source app, it’s understandable, but scene states, slate mat. editor and populate also look like they all came out of a “google summer of code” student project. That’s bad… and that is on topic :wink:


IMHO find a valid alternative to ADSK products is very in topic :smiley:

Anyone has its personal taste, and anyone arrived to some conclusion after his personal tests/travel/experiences.

I know a lot of people doing good art with bleder, and not only good, but they are also quickly.

Open source don’t mean you cannot ask money for your work. They create a open code, you can use it free, but their work must be paid (and is absolutely right)

In what do you think blender lacks?


This is not the place to be very specific, but areas I explored like the fluids, the sequence editor, the vray link, the renderman link some importers/ exporters like collada and fbx and the overall feeling of using the app is that allot of areas are unfinished and / or abandoned.
IMHO,like Max, Blender lacks a permanent team of motivated experienced and talented developers with a clear focus on finishing testing and improving, instead of adding feature bullet-points to a list.


Blender has a stable team, the Blender foundation team.

In any case, agree, not the right place to going too deep.


When I read this I feel like it’s pointless to write stuff here, no one seems to read. What you are saying here is pretty much what I so naively been trying to make you guys see. Donations should be the solution to this problem. However, no one wants to donate yet complain if developer doesn’t finish their work. I tried to show some fantastic projects going on and help people see the benefits of supporting Blender.

Another issue is most people approach Blender as if it’s a poor man “put-your-package-here”. It’s not. Blender is Blender and it’s a great software already for many tasks. But it has it’s learning curve which take it’s time, and is not any more steep than other packages. Most common complaints are configurable in preferences.

I wonder what else other than motivation could be for guys giving their free time and even the BF ones which do not make as much money as they could anywhere else.

But I will say no more, it’s getting too off topic. I suggested Blender as an alternative to MAX as this is on topic, and I gave my opinions on how we could help to improve it as a package for, in the future, become a real option. If professionals don’t use it we can’t expect it to get any better for them.


The fact that a free software has fluids while a $3500 15-20 year old package doesn’t says it all imho. It’s something both the viz and entertainment side need. The list of things abandoned in max is very large. Schematic view, unified physics, character studio, CAT (so buggy I refuse to believe it’s ‘in development’), motion capture, the list goes on and on.

This thread makes me hopeful though, AD may have just hurt themselves badly over the past few years with all these small specialty apps springing up all over the place that totally outshine these monolithic packages.

Can’t wait for a sweet animation package and I’ll be the one leading the charge to switch at the studio.

Some users done a fluid engine for fun.

Agree 100%. 3ds max real price is can’t be more then Modo’s.
The remaining money users can spend to buy Fumefx at least .


That’s pretty nifty. I don’t qualify for the box 3 though as I am not a suite subscriber (unless they changed that.) Impressive work by the authors of those workflows and scripts.


After a public outrage stopping short of burning down Autodesk HQ the subscription users got all boxes as well, so it’s not a suite exclusive anymore.


The problem is that this examples would be slow like hell.
I just pointing that is not something marvelous to do it.


It said ‘Scene States’. This is something different.

Bugger so it does, my bad. Don’t drink and type…
Still stand by the statement that they still bum the project it though.


Steve did everything he could to slow down and sabotage development of realtime 3d. His ideology is responsible for the poor condition Mac pro line has found themselves in the last decade. Ever since they switched to Intel CPUs, Macs had great computing powers with extremely limed GPU capabilities. Mac pros have been using 2-year-old-barely-midrange-in-their-time GPUs for a very long time now- when you buy the latest and greatest (read most expensive) Mac pro- you’ll get the mentioned 2-year old midrange GPU- if you’re lucky.

To matters worse, OpenGL is still dependant on “professional” cards to work without the artificial limitations and any hope of a Mac user to do 3d is hindered at every turn. It is both extremely costly in both money, and then productivity limitation that OpenGL imposes even when not artificially limited. Khronos group did an admirable job, but at best, they are playing catch up to DX and Apple did less than nothing to help.

Jobs was a great man and a visionary to be sure, but 3d just wasn’t his forte. In short, I wouldn’t let Steve Jobs come in a 10 mile radius of my Max. Not that he would want to, anyway. He clearly had no love for 3d and Cook is following in those footsteps. Jobs may have liked the cartoons, but he showed no appreciation for what goes into making one.


I’m pretty confident that John Lasseter, Ed Catmull, etc would vehemently disagree with you on that.


Maybe you are right. I may be misinterpreting the facts. It may be that Jobs loved 3d, but just wanted his users to have an appalling experience with anything to do with 3d.


I would also recommend Nvidia to reconsider putting Michael Kaplan to the steering wheels of Mental Ray :smiley:
I don’t really know actually what’s his role in the production of Mental Ray or whether or not has he any part in the develepment of that software anymore.

I just wanted to say that Mental Ray has been a mess also since 2007, which is the year I got married and unintentionally blamed my marriage for some time for not being able to reach deadlines. :rolleyes:


that explains your strange comment. you should wait what is coming. :wink:


By the way am I dreaming or 2015 beta viewport is distinguishably responsive?

I’ve opened an ongoing project which was very heavy and the astonishing performance gain forced me to think some of the models are erased. 400 mb file with 1500 proxy trees can be navigated without a single pause which used to be in select and drink coffee mode in Max 2014.

Rendering is somehow slower than on 2014 with the same scenes. (This is a scene with a lattice of 8x8x8 raytraced spheres rendering in 66 secs on 2014 but 77 secs. on 2015.)