Tom Hudson proposes Autodesk!


Yeah, you read right! In an amazing demonstration of passion for a software and the community, Tom Hudson himself proposed to re-Yost the development of 3dsMax in a Win-Win business model to Autodesk. If any of you haven’t yet, I HIGHLY recommend reading the gargantuan comment section of the MaxUnderground page here and then proceed to give your vote towards this idea here

This is a first in this industry and should NOT be taken lightly. Maybe nothing will change, but the sheer amount of comments and long time 3dsMax users voicing their concerns as well as possible solutions demonstrates just how strong and passionate the user base of 3dsMax is. The people complaining there are not just users, are veterans, decision making people who helped shape the very industry we live on today.

Autodesk has right before it an incredible opportunity to not only lead a Renaissance in DCC software but also sharply increase the possible revenue of its software lineup while avoiding the exodus to competing softwares.


3ds max needs another Steve Jobs, not the Tom Hudson.


Do you have a spare Steve laying around so we can use?

This is just an opportunity to voice your dissatisfaction in an organized and focused way that will surely climb up high in the Autodesk ranks since most people complaining are actually known to (part of) the decision making people over there. We all came to this forum to say this and that about Max but the effort is often diminished by the diffusion of so many different problems and opinions.

This is the closest I’ve ever seen of a jointed effort. And just by this it has some very important merits.


Unfortunately I can propose only one laying around Steve, but he isn’t that functional at this moment.
You have an opportunity to voice dissatisfaction using your pocket (use 3ds max version which works for you and don’t update).
But I understood your idea/vision. I just afraid if Autodesk will react literally and just hires Tom Hudson :smiley:
This is not what will help 3ds max. What’s broken lies much deeper and applies to other tools developed by Autodesk and management/development processes/decisions.


My first gut feeling was to laugh at it. On second thought, however, it might actually work at enough levels, and the names aren’t some pubescent kids out of a garage either.
If that’s what you “MAX guys” wish for to happen, my best wishes to you that it will.

The Yost group back then made some history, and while I don’t use, nor doubt I will ever care to use, MAX, it feels like the proposal there has enough affinity with the userbase and might drum enough support to be more good than bad.

Good luck guys, it’d be nice to see it happen even for non MAXers like me.


I’ve got a Wozniak.
Much better then a Jobs in my opinion, especially when it comes to making software that works rather then just look pretty.


Maybe I didn’t make my perception of the events clear.

What I mean with all this is show that, things grew to the point where most are just fed up of so many years of promises, broken solutions and just plain lack of development in key areas. Everybody has issues with the software of choice, but things with Max are at a boiling state. Even old timers are gathering to show concern and propose possible solutions. These people are in the industry for too long and know their trade, and when so many of them say that something should change it’s better to listen.

I’m by no means saying that 're stabilising the Yost Group would save Max, but it would surely change things. Maybe the best solution is to be more transparent with the roadmaps, disclosure some of the development being made. Maybe increase the development team. Maybe it’s better to just shut down Max entirely, who knows? What I see is a lot of really passionate users and very talented developers (thinkbox, cebas, rayfire to name a few) caring a lot for a software that is somewhat abandoned by AD. If these people are voicing their concerns and calling for some changes so am I.


Me too. Things have got to a stage where users are actively discussing migration as one option. I personally think I have see the writing on the wall at this stage and its time to hedge my bets. Interested in AD response to all this “grassroots” dissent.


We’re sadly out of Dennis Ritchie’s, or the world would be a better place in general.
I’m sure MAX would do alright with Hudson though :wink:


I think it’s a cool gesture, but I don’t see any reason for Autodesk to go for it. In fact, I don’t see any reason for Autodesk to change anything in their 3dsmax development practices.

If all your users hated you, but they kept paying you more money every year, why would you change? Autodesk is not some 2-man operation that gives a crap what some users think of them, especially not if the cash continues to come in.


Want them to stand up and listen?

All the users should skip paying subs for 1 year, when they have a 8-9 figure hole in their pipeline everything will change.

Best thing is you don’t have to do anything and it won’t cost you a cent literally.


Very interesting story, even to me as a strict Softimage user. The proposal will probably be turned down, but the nature of the proposal and the main person behind this, seem to make it quite difficult for AD to “just” shoot it down quietly, from a PR perspective.
They might have to hire someone who actually knows PR for this one. :stuck_out_tongue:
Interesting development to watch I’m sure… (…gets popcorn…)


I agree! And that will happen eventually, be it their desire or not. But first things first - if you can bash them with a few mouse clicks and some wording on a thread, why not do it too?


Unfortunately (for the user), AD could shut down the entire M&E division and it probably wouldnt put much of of dent in their global revenue numbers, which majorly come from the cad side of things.


That’s true also. But this “dent” is worth some hundred million dollars which, specially for the greedy people, is a LOT of money. Microsoft recently had a “dent” loss on Surface at retailers of around 900 million which dwarfs near the profit it had in other areas (surpassing 25 billion total). That’s less than 4 percent of the total amount of money they made! Now ask them if they minded losing this wee bit of cash.


Problem is not “greedy” people. Greedy people manage.
The management situation at Autodesk is the contrary of any propose.

For example in 3dsMax after Pimentel went out came Delise, then Delise went out shortly after and another one is there, Softimage the same, Cory Mogk managed it initially then went to Daniel Testino now it is back to Cory Mogk which is btw the head of M&E and certainly in that position has the plate full, so might be another temporary situation.

I think one of the problems is the culture at Autodesk. I see Carl Bass(the CEO) when talks about M&E is always talking about Maya and i always feel that for them that is a badge of honor but not much else. Another i see is that it has more generals(managers) than soldiers.

A spin off of Media & Entertainment could be positive but i don’t think it will happen until things get much worse.


Personally I think the thing to do is for Max/Soft and disgruntled Maya peeps to join together to make a stand.

I think all three apps have their place as of now…but all three have issues only a ground up rewrite will fix.

I am a die hard soft guy…but if AD came up with a new product that I thought was better I would switch in heartbeat…but I don’t want to switch to a program I passed over for a reason. I am sure that is true of Maya and Max users as well.

Solidarity is needed between camps to ensure our mutual survival.


If any of you haven’t yet, I HIGHLY recommend reading the gargantuan comment section of the MaxUnderground page here and then proceed to give your vote towards this idea here

I have been following it since they put that link in another thread on here, i had no idea the comments would grow so much.

Originally Posted by Kabab
[i]Want them to stand up and listen?

All the users should skip paying subs for 1 year, when they have a 8-9 figure hole in their pipeline everything will change.

Best thing is you don’t have to do anything and it won’t cost you a cent literally.[/i]

someone on the MU discussion said the same thing.


This thread/idea is just laughably naive. If anyone thinks for a moment that Autodesk product development is driven by some kind of user desire or tools wishlist, then they are gloriously and sadly mistaken. :cry:


So M&E is worth about 200 million a year that is no chump change i’d take a wager and say most of that revenue is from subs and a good chunk of that is from Max…

Losing that revenue for a year would be devastating it would tank their share price it would have a massive effect on figures that financial analysts examine in particular the subscription retention rate i believe that has a pretty strong impact on share price…

Want to get more pissed Audodesk across the board spends roughly 30% more on sales and marketing then R&D…

If you look at their operating expenses it breaks down like this (back of napkin figures)

50% spend on sales marketing
35% spend on R&D
15% spend on admin

So out of every $1000 you spend on subs only $350~ of that is spent on development (probably less).

Just read their public financial statements you can learn a lot