Tom Clancy's The Division - E3 gameplay trailer


Higher quality:
Lower quality:


From Ubisoft. To me, this looks visually much more impressive than Watch Dogs.



That’s insane. Incredible attention to detail.


I put this as the best clip from all of the stuff we’ve seen so far. Just amazing.


Not only is the demo beautiful but the gameplay looks very intriguing. Really excited to hear more about this one.


So sad this is not coming out on PC :frowning:


It does, but it looks like that whole thing was a thoroughly rehearsed performance for E3 with the obvious actor voiceovers and all. I doubt the real gameplay will be that smooth.


I think the while the game obviously looks really good, gameplay wise it looks like cover based shooty stuff, which was ‘perfected’ with Gears Of War 7 years ago, and hasn’t really had any innovation since.

Uninspired ‘realistic’ military technology that looks like current day military technology in an environment that was JUST done with the latest 2 Crysis games, and about 400 other games.

What a waste of talent. Ged’off my lawn.


While what you say is certainly true Pkye, what interests me is that style of gameplay being put into an open-world / MMO setting. It will be interesting to see if they managed to create something unique or it ends up being the same-old-same-old.


Gears of War did not perfect cover shooting by any stretch of imagination. Also clearly you never played Vanquish.


OK, maybe perfected was too strong of a word, (and admittedly I’m not the biggest player of AAA titles) but I don’t see any difference between The Division and any other cover based shooters (which as you have pointed out, have probably been better done in ‘older’ games).

It just seems like SUCH a waste to take a tried and done game mechanic, and set it in a done and redone gaming environment. Again.

The reason that the Assassins Creed universe is so amazing, is that it really takes the players into COMPLETELY new worlds and environments that other games didn’t explore. I don’t know WHY other developers haven’t picked up on that (which is the cornerstone of one of the MOST successful game series ever created)?

I know Im just bitching, but its almost difficult to see such incredible artistry and talent go into something that’s so…generic.

I have the same reaction when watching films (Prometheus, and Star Trek Into Darkness come to mind as prime examples of this), where there has clearly been thousands of man hours that have gone into something, that SHOULD be more than a sum of its parts, but just isnt.


Holy Craaaaaaap!
Where are the jaggies? Best res I have ever seen if this is ingame. This clip is incredible.

Phew :slight_smile:


This game is much more up my alley than all the Battlefield, CoD, MoH games out there.

Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six are the thinking mans shooter and I loved GR: Future Soldier.

If this is not coming to PC I´m gonna get a rage fit :slight_smile: (or buy a console)


yeah, it’s eery how caned and un natural that whole video is.
I seriously doubt that you will see anything of that in the final gameplay, much like Aliens CM.


For one it’s a persistent open world (a.k.a MMO) which should fucking floor your goddamn panties faster than a wiggle of jack rabbits ass.

If it doesn’t, you don’t quite fathom what kind of awesome tech this really is.


I’m not making up my mind yet. I’m not sold with this presentation alone.

That said… I can’t believe how good those graphics are! This to me, looks even better than Battlefield 4, Metal Gear Solid V, Quantum Break, etc. The textures are extremely sharp, the shaders and lighting look very natural, the destruction is impressive and so are the particle effects. The attention to detail is astounding. I don’t really understand how they can match that level of detail for every parts of the map.

GC: Don’t take this the wrong way, because I think the game looks fantastic, but when did Massive suddnely become so good at graphics? How long have you been working on this?

PM: For the last couple of years we have worked on a brand new next gen engine, called Snowdrop. So currently we have 50 or 60 programmers working on the engine, so it’s a big investment and it’s a really fantastic engine. It looks fantastic and it’s really good to work with as well. But what we have tried to do is push the graphics, so we’re pushing it with the lighting and we’re pushing it with the destruction – as you saw in the demo. And it’s not predetermined destruction, it’s actually modifying things in real-time.


This is the game that impressed me the most from E3. The premise, the mood, the graphics, and the idea of a persistent, open world MMO–there’s never been anything like it (AFAIK).

I usually don’t like MMO’s–I find them lacking in storytelling and too much meaningless grinding. The Secret World is the only MMO that’s ever sucked me in (due to the fantastic premise, the amazing storytelling, and some of the best dialogues/monologues ever in gaming). It’s really more like a single-player adventure RPG that you can also play as an MMO.

The Division looks like it’ll become the second MMO that’s able to lure me in. I can’t wait.


Its truly looks amazing. I don’t play MMO’s normally, so it could be a good game to change that.


there is a petition to have it on PC,


Powered by the Next Gen Snowdrop engine, Tom Clancy’s The Division sets a new bar in video game realism and open-world rendering. Experience a chaotic and devastated New York City like you have never seen before.


So sad this is not coming out on PC :frowning:

I guess i have no choice but to get a new console. Sorry microsoft, but i think i will be going with Sony this gen