toggling Objects visibility with a slider ?


Hi I would like to know if I can acheive that with max …

I want a slider that when at 1 , a few objects will be displayed …and when at 0 the same objects will hide…

right now I can only link the slider value to a visibility track …but it dosent give the result I want… it make the object like if it was in X-ray … rather then tottaly diseapered


which slider are you using: helper slider or slider in user interface?


HI Lechoo ! I wanted to use the slider that you place into the perspective viewport…


In wire parameter dialog there’s “Expression for Visibility” field. All you have there is propably “value”. Change that to “value as integer”. Now whenever slider value is 1 object is visible in any other case object is invisible. Is that what you wanted?


It is changing the opacity only again … I can still clic on the object … I would rather want the objet to be not showed at all … to hide polygons in my scene as well as the objects so I cant clic on it by mistake…

lolll maybe I should just use the layer system :shrug: But I like those sliders in viewport cause I always use expert mode

my Visibility track was added manually in the curve editor… I dont know if it was the right way to connect it


I see, you want to hide object. In that case put this code into “Expression for Visibility” field

hidval = value as integer
if (hidval == 0) then $GeoSphere01.isHidden = true
else $GeoSphere01.isHidden = false

Now when slider is at 1.0 object will be visible in any other case hidden. Of course you will have to change objects name from $GeoSphere01. For some reason it works only when I have 2 way connection.


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