toggle Flat shaded



knows anyone a toggle script between “Flatshadet All” and “SmoothShaded All”?

thx for any Help !! :slight_smile:


Here you go:

string $currentPanel = `getPanel -wf`;
string $panelType = `getPanel -to $currentPanel`;
if ($panelType == "modelPanel")
	string $currentShading = `modelEditor -q -displayAppearance $currentPanel`;
	if ($currentShading == "flatShaded")
		modelEditor -e -displayAppearance smoothShaded $currentPanel;
		modelEditor -e -displayAppearance flatShaded $currentPanel;


thank you DezFX!

bssss, i love the talk. Do a question, go to bed, stand up, and the
answer is there :slight_smile:



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