Toe to toe: Brokenheart character.


Just as guilty, eek. Been working on the comicon challenge and now there is the Dominance War V. Since I am an admin over at I have to organize the comp there and take part in it as I think all the members are a bit timid to join in ha ha, as of yet anyhow, and someo9ne has to break the ice.

We ARE gonna finish this dang dong toe to toe though, even from our wheel chairs! Nice to hear from you Daddy.



Hey Kanga, thanks for sharing your workflow. How do you feel about zspheres? Have you tried using sculptris? I think it should reduce the need for retopologizing but I don’t really have time to experiment these days. What app do you retopo in? Can you explain more when/how you make the UVs? I’m always interested to learn :slight_smile:


Hi stuh!
My favorite poster ha ha.
Zsheres are great. They have only one drawback, they are not symmetrical, especially if you have interpenetrating spheres. They are good for the initial mesh at the lowest sub levels, then I find I have to export with GoZ, delete half, mirror and reset xform then back to zbrush. It is pretty handy to have a symmetrical mesh because somewhere down the line you will need to turn symmetry off and then probably make some nice edits forgetting to switch back to symmetry, and you wont be able to use smart resym to get the symmetry back.

I havent tried sculptris but I caught one of my students messing with it in class, needless to say I was very pleased with him and said so loudly, experimentation is the mother of fun!

Retopologising is da bomb. It lets us throw caution to the wind and be truly free. Once you have to retopo you have the flexibility to slide verts and loops around to get a perfect fit and you can do that in quads and tris or mix how you want. There are 5 main ways atm if you include 3dcoat, and I wont use that because I might make the antichrist by accident and call the fury of hell down on myself :slight_smile: . Zbrush retopo, but that is still a bit cluncky. 3dsmax freeform (expolyboost) which is good but for game characters you really need your new topo to interpenetrate the mesh to make a good AO bake and visibility is a problem plus it is quite crashy. There is also a good simple script for max that lets you grow topology along your ref mesh. Topogun is one I am trying and it is pretty darn good. Quick and fun but forget doing the inside of a mouth. With retopo you can switch between methods depending on what you are doing.

UV layout by Headus is great for uvs. The only con is that you cant edit your mesh in it. Modo is brilliant because you can do that but it is more fiddly than Headus. Modo and Headus dont like each other and break up polys for some strange reason if you export to each other.

Hope that helps stuh.


Hi guys!
Thanks to Stuh for asking and Kanga for answering : P

I was doing retopo kinda manually, using “live object” to snap the newly created low-poly geometry to the hires mesh. Fiddly and vert by vert job.
But that TOPOGUN seems awesome, I’ve just checked their demo videos, niiiiiiiice!!!
Maya’s NEX plugin doesn’t seem too bad an option either, seen also videos on youtube; it’s got slide on mesh option, and, my favourite: edge-loop insert with geometry flow, which is similar to the respective Polyboost(for 3dsMax) feature, if you’re working with Max rather.

Keep up the good work, busy people! : D


anacostef you are killing us :slight_smile: Funny didn’t get an email note for your reply.
I tried topogun and it is pretty slick. Somehow I went back to the polyboost (or whatever it is called under the freeform tab) in max. I think it was because it was easier to hide parts of the mesh and also detach bits to concentrate on separately. Also I know where everything is ha ha.

In the spirit of finishing things off here is a refit of brokenheart. Legs are a bit longer, jaw is a bit wider. Added leather stuff to fit the new gun (no sissy one this time). If I cant get this one down to 10,000 tris I should be shot!

Gonna wish all you lads and lassies a great new year, off to down a couple with the tribe.



Her both biceps and triceps look a bit flat, just a little bit. Her hair could look more natural, now ends too abrupt. Your models look so polished now, you made a big progress. It’s hard to pick something to criticize.


So, what’s the new theme? It looks kind of like a porn star dressed as a female gladiator/survivalist. No offense :stuck_out_tongue:

From a modeling standpoint, I think the hair locks look kind of weak. It also seems odd to me that the leather flap covering her buttocks has a crack molded into it. The leather covering her breasts also appears too conformant – I can almost see nipples.


I agree about the nipples wouldn’t be seen in leather clothes, and he hair needs more work. The rest is fine to my view. I think your comment about a pornstar is stupid and irrelevant.


Well, I don’t think it is irrelevant to discuss the impression one gets from someone’s artwork on an art forum. I’m just giving my honest impressions of the piece, and when I see a girl of this build, hair style, and sexualized attire, I see a porn star dressed up in a role as opposed to someone who actually lives that role.

This may very well be the intent of the piece, but it also might not be. Either way, it may be useful information to the artist either to know that it is achieving the desired goal, or isn’t.

Kanga, I hope you know that I still think I think it’s a great model nonetheless :stuck_out_tongue:


The only thing which could remind me a pornstar is relatively big breasts. The outfit is very moderate, and the body, though being attractive has no any kind of sexual exaggeration. The truth is in the eyes of the beholder, but the way you said it “so what’s new here, another pornstar?” is rather impolite, especially for someone who has an erotic work in his portfolio.
Do you play videogames or saw any comics? Maybe you would know some aspects of creating female characters, and yes, sexuality is one of them, as well as masculinity for males. I think it’s no way exaggerated here.


GUYS GUYS, it’s ok.
Thanks chaps for the support.

Alexander thanks for the views but yeah, its another comic book thing which I love but indeed if she does look like a porn babe that’s ok. If she looks like an ugly one I got problems :slight_smile:

Stuh, thanks for your crits as always I appreciate them.

At the beginning of this thread I invited you all to be as rough as you want. The reason being I don’t want you to think before you write, it takes too much energy. This is my and DaddyMack’s thread so just come out with it. The wonders of zbrush is we can change major stuff without loosing detail. She has lots of painting to go so even at that stage I can play with breast size. What I can’t miss are your comments. Some more details.

The skirt thing is supposed to be some sort of leather kilt, the hair hasnt been sculpted yet but the pony tails will have springs on them so I am hoping they will waggle in game. Been playing with the unreal editor and it is serious fun.

More to come, have to prepare a demo for the students tonight so back tommorow. Oh yeah she is looking dopey because she now has teeth and I needed some geometry for the eyelids so she can blink :slight_smile:



A girl has to have a bike!
Some hard surface in zbrush.

Cheers :slight_smile:


A bit of texture blocking in.
I got a lot of flack about the face being too masculine so I changed it into something I hope is more commercial.
For a bigger version you can right click over the image and choose ‘view image’.

Tat is top saturation, still busy with it.



I think it’s great, I love the color scheme you made. I think the heart at her skirt steals attention being overly red. Also it seems the folds over the bust are too small, or there’s too much of them, it looks like the cloth is wet. Her back muscles in the waist area maybe could be a bit more gentle, either just smaller or closer together. Her face lost some personality for some reason, I’m not sure why. I would at least add those folds under the eyes. Not necessarily baggy, just the lines for some drama. I usually don’t like tatoos like this, but I think it has a good color scheme and works.
Be careful with colored backgrounds until you finish the the model, as it may affect color perception.


PWNED BY KANGA! Love your work bro


Thanks Alexander! Thanks for the directions.

Thanks Daddy :slight_smile:

Cheers guys, trying to finish her off.


yo the kids files!


Now, what does this mean, Kanga?! I’ve followed this thread always with great interest! The girl’s body is absolutely superb, especially her thighs i love! Her hair and partially the outfit don’t seem to be as elaborated as the body, but the more worth to keep working on it! Hope really that it isn’t definitely put aside… (what a luxury to declass such work!)

(btw: i could see her also styled as the ultimate sexy hiker girl!)


Hi zokna my favorite partner in crime :slight_smile:

Yes I tried to upload some files from class I had just given because I forgot my zip drive and I had to include a message of longer than 10 words. Didnt work though as I was in a rush :frowning:

Thanks very much for the comments and it is a very good lesson in not leaving a character too long. I am still trying to finish off birdboy and no longer believe in the costume design of this one although it is primarily about the figure, it is always about the base figure :slight_smile: I will put her in a different package!

Thanks again.


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