Toe controllers trouble


Im not sure if anybody noticed that the toe controllers dont work as IK. They can not be pinned (pin button pressed with no effect). Aux effectors also not influencing. Looks like they are completely overriding by ankle controllers (even if ankle in FK mode).
Is there some way for my character to stand on tiptoes somehow?


i’ll soon be getting back into MotionBuilder per a current project.

Thanks for the info regarding this bug


since im a noob with MotionBuilder still, i might be mixing up some things here, anyway, i think i had that same issue and didn’t realize that it could be a bug or something, but i tried to switch to pivot mode, move the ankle effector to the toe, deactivate control rig, and replot to control rig with the new pivot point. from there it worked like the toe was the controlling point. Anyway, not sure this is entirely what you look for and it may be a bad approach, i don’t know. Just wanted to share that in case it would help.