To the waterfall, Wanchana Intrasombat (2D)


Title: To the waterfall
Name: Wanchana Intrasombat
Country: Thailand
Software: Photoshop

Hi everybody,

Here is my personal work done for fun and practise for improving my skill.
The concept is about a little cupid need to go to the waterfall with his friend (maybe myself :D). The waterfall is on the back of the creature (tutle + land) it’s name is the World. It will come at that place one time per 86 years. So they really need to be there :smiley: hehe.
I’m not sure exactly where is that place in the picture and I think maybe it is on the heaven (not sure) anywahere it is very happinese place becouse I was very enjoy when I painted this one.

I hope everybody will enjoy with them, Thanks a lot (I will update process and detail soon). :smiley:


Oh wow, Wanchana, this is another wonderful painting! I’m sure I’ve told you before, but I absolutely adore the way you paint clouds. I also love the way you use perspective really effectively - there’s an almost dizzying quality to this image that really helps to convey the scale of the scene. I also really like the way you contrast the really soft, pastel colours around the edges with the much bolder colours of the World. I must admit I am always quite envious of people like you who can dream up these stories and get lost in them, it’s a childhood ability that sadly many of us tend to lose as we get older, myself included. Yet somehow you’re still able to tap into that fantasy and produce these lovely paintings.

Another front page plug for you.


wow awesome colours
and i love the pink clouds -0-b


Very Nice Painting ,consistent Color pallet, Imaginative
“camera” perspective, Just lovely mate!!:thumbsup:


@ leigh- This is really more than my dream!! Your feedback! Super Thanks a lot :smiley: I will keep it up.
@skipio- Thank you for your comment and support :smiley:
@THX1311- Thank you mate for your comment. :smiley:


Really awesome!!!

Fantastic work~



You rock man. That’s amazing. Very vertiginous!


Really amazing my friend! i love your progress! you deserve award for this work in my opinion.
Congrats and for the front page!


breathtaking peace!


As I already told you, this is a fantastic piece. I think this is your best work up to now. I love the background, the perspective and color and the amazing turtle-land. Five stars, my friend! :applause:


Congrat my friend, very good feel and rendering.


Loveling painting. This is what I call creativity. Congratulations !!!


I’ve already told you that I like very much this picture! I love it! :slight_smile:
The design of the turtle is amazing, It reminds me those fantastic worlds narrated by Terry Pratchett
Congratulations again : D!


My friend, your great. I really like this painting. He is more like the perspective, far up feeling is very beautiful. The colour and the vivid and beautiful shape. The light is lower, congratulations! Continue to remain friends!


super fun and pro execution.


Very nice work!!


as I commented on dA, this is a really captivating and fantastic image, well done!


I love the colors and the perspective. Nice job mate!


Amazing work again! Great imagination and skills!


SoOo beautiful.
so amazing Idea.I liked the Idea & coloration.
Congartulation to u for nice work.