To Silo or Not to Silo, that is the Question? Oh and does it have sculpting?


Hey everyone, i’m new to silo and I am considering buying it. It looks affordable and great since I absolutely despise blender as it’s just plain ugly and often confuses the heck out of me. One thing I was kinda hoping for was some sculpting similar to mudbox simply because I liked this method of designing 3d models a little better. According to the Silo Feature List for Modeling is that it says you can Effortlessly switch between Sculpting and Precisely Controlling Hard-Edged Surfaces. I played around with Silo for a few minutes but got confused and could not find it anywhere in the toolbox. Or exactly what does it mean by this? I find it a little confusing and possibly untrue but maybe I am misunderstanding it all.

Am I missing something? Could someone please explain a little more?

I mean this seems like a great and affordable modeling tool but I’m wondering if it’s worth getting it or not. Sculptris is okay but I’d prolly invest in zbrush instead if I went that direction though I don’t really have that kind of money to fork out or for mudbox even sadly. I fail to understand why these softwares are so damn expensive. Anyone have any input or know of anything that is good or better? I mainly want something that will work with unity3d and this looks like a good fit but I’m a bit uncertain since i’m mostly novice to all this other then playing around with blender, a mudbox and zbrush demo and sculptris some.


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Sculpting is found under the Modify tab-Displacement painting ( Shortcut T), but the sculpting tools are lacking, specially compared to more specialised apps like ZB and MB. The rest of Silo is great though. And for 50 bucks at Steam…the only question is how much longevity you will get out of it as development is dead.
As for the price, when you factor in that ZB upgrades has been free since…forever…then no, $699 is not expensive, especially for what it is capable of. Autodesk on the other hand, well, there you have a company that will make your wallet bleed money. Other options are Sculptris (as you mentioned), Blender (changing themes and a bit of customizing will improve the experience alot, and worth mentioning is the new Dyntopo sculpting) and 3D-Coat…Modo and C4D has sculpting too, but you will probably find them expensive.


Yeah I really like sculptris but I found it somewhat lacking so that’s why I tried Zbrush some. I take it the dyntopo is part of blender? Never heard of it since I haven’t touched blender lately. I looked into 3dcoat but it didn’t seem as good as Zbrush. I was actually wondering if Zbrush had to be purchased constantly or if the license was ongoing through updates and new releases. I’ve been using mudbox demo to play with but I don’t wanna pay that much for it it’s just rediculous. Now I’m kinda wondering if its even worth bothering with silo cus I hear it still has a lot of problems and now that you say development is dead that is even more concerning. Anyway thanks for the advice.


Dyntopo came with the latest release ( Blender 2.66 ) and is similar to Sculptris…adaptive/localized subdivision.
As far as Silo goes, yeah, I really wish it wasn’t so, because the workflow in Silo is great, have yet to try an app that does not feel like a step back. Almost makes me feel sorry I started using it. :smiley:


Totally agree with you there on Silo. Deygus, you mentioned avoiding Blender. I used to do the same thing, but I have to mention the new versions are leaps and bounds better than older versions. Things are still confusing but no more than the insane complexity of Maya, Max, etc. And as Veehoy mentioned the sculpting features are very similar to Sculptris.

There are loads of Blender tutes on Blenderguru and Blendercookie if you are interested.



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