To Hypersmooth or not?


Ive been a using Lw for past few years. Im realy not happy with its reflections and bump maps options. Yesterday I went to Evasion3d site and saw Hypersmooth. It realy impressed me! I was going to leave Lw mainly becuse its poor reflection options and non Sub Pixel Displacment, but now with Hypersmooth dont know if it is investion worth buying and sticking with Lw.
Anyone familiar with it, how are the results, judging from the pictures on the Evasion site I would say who needs Maxwell :wink:
P.s. I mainly into Archi. interior visualisation.
Any comments are more the welcome


I cannot speak for HyperSmooth… I want to have it too someday… But I have a few other plugins by Evasion3D and I can say they are good products. MeshPaint is great.


HyperSmooth offers absolute control in Reflections.
Also, G2 provides some controls too, better than LW’s native.

If you have problems with the additive-way-of-reflect in LW, Hypersmooth is great.


Yeah I can also vouch for Hypersmooth - it’s a great plugin, and very, very useful. I am a reflection fanatic - I use reflection mapping for just about everything, so I really appreciate the control it offers.

Just make sure you deactivate LightWaves own ray tracing options when using it or else you end up with very high render times. I used the shader on some objects recently and after a few days of us all wondering why the scene files were bogging down the render farm so heavily with their 4-hour a frame test renders, I suddenly remembered about the ray tracing issue :blush:


Thanx for response Ill buy it thats for shure:-)

But one thing thats been a little counfuzing. I also got the idea it controls the reflections ( boy am I smart;-)) but what abouth Sub pix D. I saw one image on their site , you know the one with oranges, it looks awesome. Is that just ordinary bump because I definatly couldnt get that kind of edges with Lw.
Anyone knows maybe will NewTek finaly bring Sub pix D into new versions?

P.s. Leigh, read your book. Excelent!
Red Rain, Gabriel rocks!:wink:


HyperSmooth has a soft bump simulation but isn’t precisely Sub pix Displacement. Is an excellent plug if you want a fast and professional solution. However if you are willing to try with hacks, depending on the result that you are looking for, LW can offer respectable soft reflections too. This example is with reflection blurring:

(Take too much time, I know)

And this is faked:

Result isn’t the same, but render is 8 times faster!

The idea is to use a micro-procedural texture with an incidence angle gradient (alpha mode) + SoftReflections filter pluging.
Until we have SubpixDisplacement in LW, we can simulate it with AVT_3dBump:




I dont like to show off, but the request for better reflections was mine, (ages ago) in the newtek forum. I particularly used that image with the orange.
Evalsion grabbed my request, I betatested Hypersmooth.

Yes, the Orange has ordinary bumps, nothing unusual.


gerardo 8 min with Hypersmooth?! Isnt that to much? Im counfused. You said its fast ,but 8 min rendering?!..or is that just Lw with bluring:rolleyes:
AVT_3dBump looks like a tool that Lw could use.It could be a nice combination with HS. Tried it maybe?
Im mainly doing animations so I realy need something powerful and fast.

but the request for better reflections was mine

Thats true. Lw didnt change its reflections since version 2. Talk abouth long time:sad:


I tried hypersmooth and i’m agree with gerardo about rendering time.
hypersmooth is very slow. but you can control your reflection even better than with the native Lightwave tools.


He didn’t say faking it took 8 minutes, he said it was 8 times faster :slight_smile:


Karmacop, I think your right there:thumbsup:
vbk read Leights post maybe you forgot something


Yep. Sorry for not explaining it more clearly, my example is a comparison between the time of LW reflection blurring (and its result) in contrast with a faked version, that is 8 times faster. For some projects that kind of faked result is more than enough :slight_smile:



Yes. Hypersmooth kicks serious ass.


Yes! But AC/DC even more:buttrock:


Just started playing with Hypersmooth.

Kicks ASS! No doubt!
Well, heres an idea. Since this babe can do a lot of things and simulate reflections in many ways, I got the idea that we could post our results with parametars. This would realy be a great thing. First we would be helping each other, shortening our time for achiving desired results and many other things.
Surfing around CGTALK I found many 3ds MAX, MentalRAy shaders…people just posting options and results. Well dont see reason why we shouldnt do the same and demonstrate the power of LW and HS.
Heres my first try!
Always post with texture so that we can see what kind of reflections are you tring to simulate. Hopefuly we can discuss and maybe get together to desired result:buttrock:
For the simulation model we could use Evasions3d default “Difuse reflection” scene.
Heres my first try!
Enviroment map is in the game also.( Evasion3d file has it in, so nothing to worry abouth)
Well let go:thumbsup:


Scale was 10x10x10 cm, procedural texture.


Heres another one. Sea Surface.
AA always on Low!

Come on people why does it always have to be 3dsmax or MentalRaY, this is LIGHTWAVE:twisted:


Something like cottone,velvet. Looks very nice and soft


Looks more like sandstone to me… But still nice.

THIS is soft.


Yeap thats very soft:)
Hypersmooth? Dont think so