To graphic artists: true or false



i got a question to you graphic artists. there is a picture which i have received from a friend who is an active member of the philosophy of “Falun Dafu”.

On that picture you can see the spirit of “Falun”, which is represented by the circles on the right hand side.

The energy of “Falun” is being represented by the light.
The picture is a real life picture stating that is not being modified, or an effect or filter being added. This means that the the person who took the picture saw exactly the same what you are seeing on the picture right now.

Now here is my question. In case that the picture was modified, can you see some mistakes or some hints, where
you could actually proof that the picture is a fake?


Click here to see the picture


It just looks like the sun gets refracted by a dirty window to me(grease/fat or whatever). And the circular pattern is due to it being wiped/cleaned in a circular motion, kind of like those machines used to polish cars.


i believe that he has used photoshop filters for the light effect on the right


nothing jumps out…but it looks like an out of focus cobweb to me.

Unless there’s something obvious, proving digital images is fake is a very tricky business and not exactly proven itself as being 100% possible.



That’s a kind of PIC from Falun Dafa or (Falun Gong). If you know a little bit politics in China, you may know how Chinese Government hate that.

Scientifically saying, Falun Gong is kind of mental drug, I have a friend who is a Phd student, also a Falun member. He got 3 "F" in one semester.   Could that be sth help to improve your health?  NO Way.   Sports are the best way to improve your health.  That's why we have Olympic game. But Chinese government suppress that politically, but not scientifically.  

I won’t believe it. This pic must be done in photoshop.

Whatever, we’re talking photoshop and Computer Graphics here.

If my comment is not that related to CG, just delete it.


“Sports are the best way to improve your health. That’s why we have Olympic game.”

May I just sidetrack for a second and say that, yes sports are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle… but elite sports can be extremely unhealthy. Although it may not be apparent during an atheletes prime, as we only see them at their best… they often suffer from terrible aches, pains and health problems later in life. Moderation is always the key.


Humm…looks like a flare to me.
A single tiny drop of water or a grain of crystal sand can do wonders when capturing something against light.

But who knows :\


You’re right man. I play soccer every day and these days I’m in pain of both ankle injured. :frowning:

whatever, the pic is done with sort of filter or lens.


Elite sports CAN be extremely unhealthy, without the can thats completly not true :stuck_out_tongue:


As a photographer, I can say that it might be real, but it’s probably not supernatural. A drop of water, grease, or other substance on the lens or on a surface in front of the lens will easily create this effect without the need for Photoshop. I was in Clearwater, Florida a few years ago when a bunch of Catholics were flocking to this office building that had an image of the virgin Mary appear in the glass-covered building. Skeptics pointed out that it was likely do to poor window washing (it looked like an oil slick), and it only appeared at the same time every day - when the sun hit it just right. However, that didn’t stop people from praying at this office building and selling t-shirts and postcards.


I don’t think it’s real, it is too blurry. I think that light would make at least one sharp ray or something. Either it is something out of focus, or it is done in Photoshop. It isn’t hard to do something like that in PS.


Definately smudged “stuff” on the window, something smudged onto the window in a circular motion.


This is the refraction of light through a pane of glass or plexiglass. You can tell because of the “rainbow” effect.

Jorge Arango


i was a proffessional magician for many years and that is an old trick ( used to be really cool when polaroids were popular … gaff cameras that would have interesting artifacts come of the picture , things such as circles around a chosen card… glowing around the magician ect) i am sure the pricible is still used today with all the 'ghost ’ sitings and what not


i think its a fake because the color of light are brown and not white, look the sky and lights, the light are withe+ weak blue if the ligt of the sky are blue+withe the refraction in the plexiglass have the same color.

And i have find a strange deformation in the refraction, i fink this is a fake wit some deformations: smudge or liquefy,transform tool with perspective deformation, and if you zoom in the picture you find a little vertical transparent section of the end of glow.

Ithink this layer its in a layer mode, with transparency.

its just my opinion.

you can see my idea about this picture:


Yeah right, and smoking doesn’t always kill so let’s all smoke duh…
You sound like someone who never sports and who needs an excuse not to do so :deal:



I have to agree that this is a real shot taken either through a dirty window, or maybe using a Holga camera,, which can have really strange effects.


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