To all you CG graduates. Major?


Well, I figured out that the computer animation major at my school (Ringling) of choice is … animating! It never really hit me, but that is the focus of it. They cover everything, but there’s a focus on animation. But is this because animation is hard and needs more focus or are there other focuses of CG? Which path would be recommended for a versatile degree? I don’t know what industry I want to do, but I would love to do animated movies or real movies with composites and 3D effects or even a videogame company.

There are two other degrees at the school, Motion Design (Media and commercials, not too appealling to me, but it’s more FX based) and then there’s Game Art & Design, which covers environments, character animation, and game design principlies and working in engines, but I feel it’s too focused on games. And while the degree seems very practical and useful, I’m not sure how other companies would feel about a “Video game” degree.


Purdue University offers a BS in Computer Graphics Technology, with other specialized classes allowing a student to specialize in Construction Graphics, Virtual Product Integration, Interactive Multimedia, or Computer Animation. You can of course mix and match to best suit your interests as you still end with the CGT Degree.

Theres also a BA in Visual Communication Degree, although I don’t exactly know what that entails.


Actually it probably is because most people interested in the field only know about animation and think they need to become animators to get into the field. Also animation is often much more popular than other focuses.


no they dont. lol. animators sync and move crap. nothing less nothing more. theyre just very marketed. when someone goes to a cg cartoon and its “animated”…they need to be “animators”…well…no

animators are treefrogs…god knows ive been trying to kill many since we started post. They just LOVE to add stuff into things to screw up renders. GAH!:banghead:

EDIT: read half the post and decided to go on a rant…lol…sorry…blame the animators:scream:


It’s a really well kept industry secret. shhh!

Riggers, modelers, lighters and compositors don’t actually exist. It is purely a smokescreen by working animators to keep those over-paid jobs to themselves. Put them on the wrong path and all that…

Seriously though, if you read any industry magazine like Time, Newsweek or Maxim, you’ll know that it’s the animators that build the pipelines, sculpt the maquettes, light the shots, edit the films and make the whole thing come to life. Well, and then there’s the director of course. But the director is really just a puppet king used by the animators!


Interesting, but perhaps more opinions for a clearer answer?


This is one area we are going to try and address with the new school’s sticky thread (up in a couple days maybe?). Ringling is known throughout the industry as a character animator’s dream and is kind of a filter into Pixar with their heavy focus on stylized animations. The new stickies will not only list schools by region, but also filter by some of the focal points of the schools CG education (ex. gaming, arch viz, product viz, entertainment (realism or stylism), VFX comping, etc.). Many of the questions regarding school’s revolve around finding the right type of CG school, for a specific price, in a hypothetical location. We are working on it. :slight_smile:


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