TK (Male mercenary)


Hi all
Here’s my male mercenary the partner to the female mercenary I’ve been working on. All crits and comments accepted to matter how harsh they are. :slight_smile:


Here are some updates.


looks good so far. something seems wrong about his right arm though. it looks like it may be a tad short. cant wait to see more.


Indeed his arm is on the short side, or not beefy enough. I can’t put my finger on it… The rest looks nice.

Cobra 6


Like it so far. I do think that the pose needs some more work, that limp left arm is kinda just hang’n out there in space. Maybe twist his body a little, bring the arm back, and turn his head to the side, like someone off screen just called his name.

can we see some wires, detail shots, UV maps? Any Z-brush work on this? Really like the boots from what I can see.


Thanks for all your comments guys. I may be wrong but I think it’s the pose that’s making the right arm look shorter since both arms are the same length so I’m planning to change it to either;
1-The character using both hands to hold the shotgun
2- Replicating the right arm pose and placing an AK-47 on the left arm
3- @Perpetual-Student suggestion (however I’m planning to put him alongside the female mercenary so that might not be possible)

Let me know what you think it best. As for detailed renders. I have a quick turntable with wires and a close-up here; and I’m more of a mudbox man than a zbrush so I’ve put up a picture of some sculpts.

And a wire frame.


Just changed the pose hopefully this helps with the arms.


Tried to composite a background behind this but it didn’t work too well. Got any suggestion to make this looks better?


Hi guys

I would be really cool if you could fill in this quick survey regarding these models to help with the my report.


P.S There’s only 4 multiple choice questions so it shouldn’t take too long. Just be sure to leave a comment.


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