titatintero´s Jeremias, Carlos Ortega Elizalde (3D)


Title: titatintero´s Jeremias
Name: Carlos Ortega Elizalde
Country: Mexico
Software: Maya

Jeremias, so tired of his silence, never says a thing when something bothers him, so now he takes out his feelings as rage becoming then a grumpy old cat. He wears his shoes in the wrong foots also.

NOT my original idea, I made this image for fun and as a tribute to “titatintero”, a good friend of mine with a beautiful imagination whose work I admire a lot.

Please watch the original illustration here & take a look at her works!!
titatintero´s Jeremias

Modeled in Maya and rendered in FurryBall:
2 mins rendering 2400x2400 :slight_smile:

Thanks for watching!


haha very funny character :slight_smile: i love it :thumbsup:


I like it also, and the materials are excellent.


So fuzzy. I’m not a big animal person, but that’s a cat I wouldn’t mid giving a big hug.


funnnyy! i like it!


yes , It’s funny hahahah


Nice characters! Very nice work, great idea.


haha ^^ nice char ,man!!


nice work,a really chilly guy:) my girlfriend likes it also:)


Nice textures and colors


I like him, his expression is very cute.


very nice.emotion in this work like a 2d illustration for childrens books.


h3h3h3h3 very funny modeling i like it 2much the textures but i think the cat she is look like the carton & the bird she is real some think , u shod u need 2 change the bird look like the cat ok
ceep on & goodluck


Ohh very good Carlos, again very nice Image and character Design, i like a lot the color palette¡
not original idea but very nice execution!


hehehe adorable character and really nice feel to the image. Great :smiley:


Turri, FudgePacker, Thanks!
abynum: i thought the same thing :slight_smile:

Milivoj-Lemonade3D, ZAZO, SGDDik, johannmoises, Destrega, PanfriedPixels, AGSCC999, alichenari, thanks for the encouraging friends! :smiley:

simyevil2010, thanks, but I tried to stick to my friend´s illustration as much as i could… actually her illustrations are more a combination of different styles and a peculiar imagination :stuck_out_tongue: thanks!

thanks for the comment daniel! saludos! :smiley:

Sampei: thanks!


I love the character. He is so funny. :wink:


i love it,very fantastic:applause:


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