Titans - Short Fan Trailer



[size=3][size=2]We’re always looking for new modelers!

Working on the a City Block called “Silver Square”, this is where a good amount of action takes place:


 [b]Who are the Teen Titans?

 [/b]The Teen Titans are a group of superheroes created by DC comics. It is a comic series (still going strong) as well as an awesome animated TV show. It features (mostly) 5 heroes with different kinds of powers, but features many villains!
  [b]What is the Titans Short Fan trailer and[u] why should I help[/u]?[/b]

 The Titans Short fan trailer,is basically the production of a "fake" Trailer meant to give the impression that an actually 3d movie is going to come out[u].[/u] This project was developed to better our skills in several areas:

+Character Modeling
+Architecture Modeling
+Efficient use of resources (computers, etc)
+Advertising techniques
+Collaborative skills

It is also being developed to be pitched over to DC comics and Warner Brothers, to see if they would like it. Even though they may not realize this trailer as a movie, hopefully they could use some helping hands. If not…at the least this will look great on your resume once complete!

[b]What do you have to work with now?

[/b]Currently, we have two modelers…who have done ALOT on this fan-film. Currently we’ve received some donations, and we have 2 large renderlabs contributed by other teammates. We have been working on over 20 characters, as well as 2 large city blocks with hundreds of 3d props (including those donated by other fans). There is well over 100 pieces of artwork, concept art, textures and decals created by yours truly.

Most importantly, we have a script to base this trailer off of. :slight_smile:

 [b]Why a Titans Short Fan trailer? Why not something original?[/b]

  It all started out with modeling a Titan for fun. Then I started modeling more characters and thought that this should be a short. I've done a previous animated fan-short ([http://www.sonicverseteam.net/chrisguy/](http://www.sonicverseteam.net/chrisguy/)) and figured I could do the same with this, but make it...shweet. I've always loved trailers for the anticipation it brings.
 As for an original project, once this project is complete, THEN I'll have the skills to make an original and worthwhile short (and I have a couple in mind...including some sci-fi shorts that I have written while making this trailer). But for now, if I can get this trailer complete, [b]we can move on to more advanced and original work.[/b]
 [b]I would like to help!:[/b]


Its really hard for me to tackle every single portion of this project so it would be great if I get any extra helping hands.
  You can get in contact with me at : [email="http://forums.cgsociety.org/chrisartguy@gmail.com"]chrisartguy@gmail.com[/email]

[b]For more information (Content, Sketches, etc)[/b]
  You can also view the website at: [http://www.titans-project.com](http://www.titans-project.com/)

Here is what we have so far in terms of promotional material. There is alot more that has been done, than you see here…



It’ll be pretty cool! Hopefully ^_^…


What you have so far is looking real good.

What program are you using.

What is done so far and what still needs to be done ?


Thank you!

I’m using 3Dsmax 2008 (Student Edition) :slight_smile:

I’ve already completed a storyboard that mimicks a kind of news report. Right now I’m in the middle of designing a city and setting a tone before going into animation. :wink: What is needed is help for architecture design and extra character creation.


Nice work so far!


Maybe I will be able to help you with some post production stuff.

  • Rendering , compositing, effects… or “Production Adviser” type things.

I use MAX 2009.

By the way how many characters will there be in this all together.

I think it is important to have a really good storyboard or animatic
worked out.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

Sounds good!

There will be more than 15 different characters (human and non-human), I’m fleshing out a storyboard to be an animatic as we speak.

That would be great if you help me out with post processing, thank you sir! :smiley:


hey man you are doing an amazing job with all of this and some of the model just look fantastic!! GL with it and if I find some time pop up I will see what I can do to help, you need characters modeled right?


Sounds good LordRych thank you :slight_smile:


It looks amazing! If you’ll ever need a animator (Maya), I’d love to join in :slight_smile:


doffer - I saw your work and its great! However I use 3d studio max so I’m not sure if you’d want to work with us :(, but if you could export animations (i dont know much about that area) that would be great :slight_smile:


Thats looking really really good!!

I just saw your post about animation between Max and Maya normally if you export the scene as an .fbx file you should be able to transfer the animation as well.

not sure how it all goes but there are some more guys in these forums (thinking of Softdistortion and BOY1DA who have done those conversions if I remember well :slight_smile: )

looking forward to more



Hi there Chrisguy, I’m lovin’ what you’ve got so far. Re getting animation from Max to Maya. You could try using the point cache http://area.autodesk.com/index.php/tips/tip_index/point_cache/ . I think it works via fbx anyway.
Good luck with your project.


@Chrisguy: Thanks a lot! I’m glad you like it.

I have successfully and with ease exported animation from a rigged character in maya, into max for rendering, no problem there. FBX chaches the animation onto the model, so all the animation is on each vertex. It works fine, also with turbosmooth added on the model, or whatever you need to do after animation.

The problem I think, will be in exp/imp the rig from max to maya.
I don’t think fbx can export rigged information, joints, constraints, skin and so on, but I’m not sure.


You’d probably need to re-rig in maya and then export the point data. I have The Setup Machine 2 (maya2008) which makes rigging a breeze. So if that’s a solution you wanna try, I can help do some of the rigs. I haven’t got the face machine which complements TSM. I’ve been toying with the idea for a while, so I might just pick it up.


Oh! That sounds great.
Well, I’m in if you want me Chrisguy.
You can PM me for msn, if you want to chat further about it :slight_smile:

Woa that looks amazing! It would be great if you’d help me out, if they want me on board :wink:



Thanks! You guys are cool cats. :smiley:

Caveman: I did some research on FBX and it looks like its able to export/save animations, like a point cache modifier and it might be what I’m looking for. I’m in the process of developing a facial rig however so I might need to set up an animation pipeline between Maya and Max in order to get the most out of both software :wink: Thanks for the suggestion!

I dont have Maya but I hope I can plan it so that I can involve Maya somehow (everyone but me and another seem to use Maya)

DoneShole: Guess Im right on :smiley: Sounds good! I’ll mess around with pointcache to see how it goes.

Doffer: Thats what I’m thinking since I have a Face Rig and I’m also using Brad Noble’s Skeleton Rig (after failures with my own -_-).

But perhaps we can use maya for 1st pass animation? :slight_smile:
Sure we can talk! Although I only have AIM, Yahoo and Skype (by request) ^^ (chrsguy3)


That looks fantastic!


Hey I was wondering if you guys need a rigging artist? If not no worries it never hurts to ask right?


Hey everyone. Great work so far.

I’d love to get in some texturing and shading if possible for some characters.

anyone can email me at jdpapaccio@gmail.com

Keep up the awesome work!


Meeting at May 1st - 3rd

I’m having a meeting on May 1st to 3rd, this is to help me establish which of you would like to join, also to help me how to go about with this project :slight_smile:

If you can, please join the messageboard:
Here you can log in to flashchat :slight_smile:

You can reach me at chrsguy3 via SKYPE and AIM. I’ll be online at those times.

I hope you guys can make it. :wink: