Titanomachy - fall of the Hyperion, Marcin Jakubowski (2D)


Title: Titanomachy - fall of the Hyperion
Name: Marcin Jakubowski
Country: Poland
Software: Photoshop

Image painted for a contest ‘Steampunk: Myths and Legend’ at CGTalk.
In the original myth Zeus and other gods started to fight with the Titans (elder gods) for a right of ruling the world.
In my steam version of the story there is a group of rebels inside the country that starts a revolution against the old system. In that system everything is absurdly huge, overwhelming and truly difficult to live in.
I want to depict a moment of defeating one of the Titans - the giant robot sentinels that are spectacular signs of power and possibilities of the old system.
Beneath people trying to leave the rebel city are frightened witnesses of the great collapse.


very nice vote 5*


wow. excellent job. 5*


Awesome! Great sense of size, and action. well done.


Fabulous work! Excellent detail. Great looking crowd of people, architecture, machines and all!


I saw this a couple of weeks ago as it was not quite finished then. This is one of my favorite pieces of artwork in the contest. You have an amazing talent and design sense. Good luck with the contest!


Truly magnificent!


Now this is truly impressive work :slight_smile: lovely shot mate :slight_smile:



holy shit:) This turned out really great, congratulations:) Nice trainstation btw - but well, now its destroyed anyway:D


Good luck with the contest!




This one is simply superb!, I wish you the best of lucks with the judging. 5 stars from me :applause:


Great composition and very dynamic - really like the painting !


Oooh ! Such a great work, and so much details… How many times did it take ??


Brilliant, superb, marvelous…man, you DID IT! +5


Waw! Awesome!
5 stars :thumbsup:


IMHO, this is a masterpiece! Simply stunning. :bowdown:


m-i-n-d-b-l-o-w-i-n-g!!! 10 !


Holy crap, there are so many cool steam punk pics, I love it, this rocks!


That is truly awesome, right there. 5 stars.