Tips for Creating a Sequential Effect?


I’m lost on creating sequential effects in my storyboards. I don’t mean special effects, I mean like sequential effects that cause the viewer to feel something, such as the scenes from a Spielberg movie.

For example: Let’s say you’re writing an inspirational movie (think along the lines of “Balto”). You want to invoke feelings in the audience through careful editing and sound and whatever. How would one storyboard these without copying another person’s work?

Are there forumalae for this? How many types of sequential effects are there? How easy/hard is it to create your own? I’m a bit handicapped as an artist here because I can’t just copy scenes I like anymore (nor do I want to copy scenes either).

I hope I don’t have anyone confused over my question…if you are, I will clarify for you. Will appreciate any help!



I honestly can’t figure out what you’re asking…

As far as a “sequential effect” are you asking how would you storyboard a lingering-type moment - where (for example) 2 people see each other, there’s recognition, they trade different puzzled, “searching” looks and after a moment realize who they are and then come together? That whole sequence of the looks kinda thing? Yes, that kind of thing would be complicated because it’s a back and forth of almost the same images/angles, and the shots (when finished) will each be a decent length of time - so visually it doesn’t relay as still images.

Your example includes “say you’re WRITING…” You make a movie by figuring out (based on the script) what you want the shots to be, the sound FX, special FX. Literally draw what you see in your head - I hate to make it sound that easy when I know you’re confused, but storyboarding is a simple process, and it’s not copying someone else’s work - it’s just scribbles on paper or a digital file.

If you’re worried about copying someone’s MOVIE SHOTS then rework what you see in your head and draw THAT.

Example of what you might see on storyboards: You see a frontal head and shoulder shot of a woman looking at something, then the next storyboard is a shot of her hands holding a letter (sorry to get terribly cliched here, but you get the idea?), then the next storyboard is a wider shot from across the room - she is on her kness crying and a big arrow rounding DOWN shows you that she just fell to her knees - the shot started with her standing.

Get the idea? Draw the sequence of shots you want to see. And when you have the sequence, you can play it in your head over and over and figure out if you need to add more shots, change what you have, etc.

Does any of that make sense? Hope this helps-



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