Tiny Robot, Beskhodarny Eugene (3D)


Yeap :wink:

Соглашусь, пожалуй :wink:

и всё же странно… почему не Xeon? %)


Nice Work I would love to see this as a story!


Many thanks to all for your attention to my work. :slight_smile:
I did not expect at all, that I shall receive so high estimations.
Completely agree with criticism, I shall try to correct defects. :slight_smile:

to Avduevskij
And actually why Xeon, instead of G5 for example?
I attached that emblem? that was at hand .
А собственно почему Xeon, а не G5 к примеру?
На самом деле, что первое под руку попало то и прилепил. :slight_smile:

to neiy0
This is wire for you. I work in studio for some years. :slight_smile:


this is awesome! i like it!:slight_smile:


Yup, this one is cool, very nice render. But it is far from the masterpice that your avatar is.



its too great …!!

could you put the wireframe


Nice Desing and Idea :smiley:

5 Stars!


Beautiful work! What a great character. Everything about this pic is right - the design, the light, the camera angle and composition, just awesome!


I Like it!!


it’s good, Beautiful Robot,


Great robot! - amazing work!:thumbsup:


Полюбому - авард!!! всё на высоте…


love your robot design, and nice lighting and composition.:applause:


very nice! i like it! :slight_smile:
great job!


Very nice characterdesign! Would love to see an animation with it one day… :slight_smile:


heh, Intel Inside :stuck_out_tongue:

awsome work dude



wow. great peice… good composition too…

keep up the great work


hey, its awesome,good composition,good materials and good rendering

:applause: 5 stars :applause:


Awsome!!! Good work on light and character!!!
Prosto ofigennaya rabota :slight_smile:


Wow ! :thumbsup: absolutely amazing stuff.
There is so much life into that robot …brilliant !