Tiny Robot, Beskhodarny Eugene (3D)


Wow, really nice robot! Nice picture


[perfect] cool work


Great work! I like it!:love:


I’m a little surprised this hasn’t been plugged. It’s awesome work. :thumbsup:


Very nice. :slight_smile: 4 stars.
What is the renderer?


How good!
I 'd like it.


Very good character, perfect image! I give you 5 star!


5 stars from me to!I love the camera angle and pose!Great work!


Very ownage dude… 5 star from me :wink:


Really good render!


Me to. Just have a look at it again today. It is indeed awesome.


that intel logo is just great, good job


so superb man ur robot and way u exposed the concept wonderfull, i love ur tiny robot and the innosence in the face it carry :thumbsup:


ab fab, 5*
I gotta look at it a bit more … cya


Man, amazing piece of artwork. I really love everytig about it, especially the nice muted colors the sky is. Very cool!


great job (except the intel logo)

Good blend of nature and technology. Bot is really fantastic.

***** for me :thumbsup: .


Wow, this is one of the best robot’s/scenes that I have ever seen…period. The composition is fantastic! I really like the modelling, and rendering…would it be possible to see a wire?

Fantastic job, do you work somewhere (studio?) or go to art college?

Cheers :beer: 5*'s


Awsome Robot! Render and compozition are great. Congrats for awards of rus sites :wink:

Russia Rules! And Maya!! Hehehe)))


why not Xeon? %)))


Very good picture! :thumbsup:
It is a pity, that on this site there are not enough works of the Russian artists. :cry:
Good luck and new works! :beer:

Очень понравилась работа, жалко что на CGtalk.ru ее засудили, так как то что попало на первое место - просто ниже всякой критики. :slight_smile:

Но мы знаем кто победил то! :slight_smile: :thumbsup: Пять звездочек! :slight_smile: