Tiny Robot, Beskhodarny Eugene (3D)


Title: Tiny Robot
Name: Beskhodarny Eugene
Country: Russia
Software: Maya

“Once upon a time there was one little robot.
One nice evening he desided to have a walk…”
Maya 6.5, Photoshop


Wow total love it, :thumbsup: 5 Stars, Should get a front page too.



HOLY !! :eek:

Just awesome, so much character in it. Nice composition to.
5 stars from me.

haha btw… intel inside?


good idea and design


Fantastic work:applause: 5 stars:thumbsup:



5 stars from me!!!.luv those mechanical parts…preety details , dude…


Cute character

and very nice texture
good job:beer:


Beautiful! Great concept and brilliant execution. I love the composition and expression. Really makes me wonder about the story… Absolutely front page material.


great mod text and point of view:thumbsup:


Great picture ! :thumbsup:


nice concept
5 stars


great concept an render, congrtulations !:thumbsup:


Wow! Great job!


I see he’s running on an intel. What version is he using, 4.__ ?

5 Stars btw.


Hi there

I am really impressed by the overall composition (awesome!)

Having said that… i would personally improve the metal shader to

something more realistic (additionally perhaps rust & dirt)…that’s only me using my artistic licence.

Keep up the good [color=red]work…it’s a kick arse one![/color]

Kind Regards



From the robot design to the composition to the overall execution, this is a very very good piece of work. The only thing I do not like is the intel label. It sticks out too much from the rest of the reflective torso and thus the viewer pays too much attention to it. Though that is just a minor complain…



Wow…awesome render and composition. I love the little Intel symbol on its chest. 5 stars!


nice robot design… i think the floor might look a little too simple, but its just a small thing that you wouldnt really notice… the car paint metallic surface is great !

i think you would need more than a P4 to run that thing ! agreed - take it off it looks stupid.


really nice robot, and the best thing is it looks like it would all work. the joints are very well thought out.


Great work!
Absolutelt perfect.
Most of all I love composition and the model.