Tinting in photoshop 7?


Painter Classic has something called “TINTING” that i really like…it’s really good for shading and it’s super easy to blend colors. Does anyone know if Photoshop 7 has anything similar to that?



Don’t really know what “tinting” means in relation to Painter… but what is it exactly you’re trying to do? I’m sure PS has a specific way (or 3) to do it.


The one I use the most is Hue/Saturation then check ‘colorize’…

as theGuest said there are many more ways to do it.


Here is a picture I did for fun in Painter Classic using mostly tinting. In painter Tinting is a type of brush or nib or whatever those are refered to in graphic programs, under Tinting you can use two tools called “Basic Round” or “Blending”
when i did this pic I used mostly the Basic Round tool and then blended it with the Blending tool. So what I am wondering is can I do this as easily in Photoshop 7?


mmm… still not real sure of the effect you’re thinking of… but i’m guessing it has to do with Smudging (the Smudge tool)… yes? No?

I’m guessing that because the image you did has that quality.

So far as specific brushes… PS has some default ones, and there are several dozen avaliable on many site out here. Plus, you can make your own custom ones if you wish.

That help any?



If you are refering to the Blend brushes in Painter the closest thing you’ll have in PS are the smudge and blur tools which are far from acting like a blend tool in Painter, so nop…PS don’t has Blend brushes in that sense, Painter still is the king of the hill when it comes to painting tools.



Painter still is the king of the hill when it comes to painting tools.



Well, you could use the pen, and go around the desired area, and then use the side numbers pad to judge the tinting, like you punch in 7 and it goes to 70% tinting on that area…


Thanks a lot!

So far it sure seems like Painter is way better at that not to mention drawing.


PHOTOshop = photo editing or “photo shoping”

PAINTer = painting

Though I good artist can do whatever they want in whatever program. Just makes it a bit easier to use programs made specifically for what you do

Seems like your answer is to just use painter.
But, you could make a similar image to the one you showed just using brushes and smuding if you must use photoshop.


You might try ArtRage, it’s a fun little app for natural media style painting. The focus is on simplicity and immediacy, not a bunch of menus and options to wade through. Quite effective.http://www.ambientdesign.com/artrage.html


Make a new layer and paint the color u want to tint with on it with a transparency of 10-20% or so. I donno if it’ll produce the right effect but thats what i can recall tinting looked like when I saw it in action at a friends place.


Yeah I am trying to learn how to use both Painter and Photoshop and I was just curious if I could do Tinting in photoshop as well so I could do more drawing in photoshop…but since Painter is superior to Photoshop as far as drawing is concerned ( I love that 2b pencil tool) i think I will just do my art in painter and then add effects and other stuff in photoshop.

Thanks a lot for all the advice,


if tint is to replace dark colors with another color and so for light colors … then you need to try gradiant map (you will find it in image>adjust>gradiant map


If things were like that everybody would be using MS Paint for everything.
Good artists are better artists when they have the right tools.



a good workman never blames his tools…an artist has a god given right to :wink:


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