Timing effectors


When you spawn an animated clone based on thinking particles; Such as with this file
You’ll notice that each clone gets its own mini time track and references the main time track based on its arrival in the scene. It’s a cool feature, but I’m little confused about how to control it and if it’s possible to time an effector in the same way.

It’s a little difficult to explain, but the file definitely help.

If you turn on the Random effector (relates to 2nd cloner object) it’s set to increase the scale and does so for every clone, all at once, but the hope is I can find a way to time each clone to increase gradually


Cool idea. I’m just learning expresso and dynamics (newbie), but wouldn’t you need to create a new random effector for every instance of particles for it to work that way? As it is, the random strength will always be affecting every object inside of the cloner array with the same value.

I think the only reason the scale function is working how it does is because scale functions are relative to the object’s own values. eg. If you put a cube on the stage and scale it, then put a new cube on the stage and make that the child of the original cube, then continue to scale the original cube, the new cube is still scaling from its own parameters. This is the same as the object creation on collision with the plane.

With the random object, that object is always affecting the instances of the object the same. If you add the random effector to the top cloner, you get an interesting result of each created object being a slightly different height, but not scaling from 0 up like you’re after…

Please someone correct me if I’m wrong (as I am new to all this, but that’s what my logic says to me after playing around with a lot of things).

I’d be interested to hear if someone solves this problem. Good luck mate!


Use the Random Effector to modify the Clone Weight, then use a Plain Effector to modify the Scale after the random effector in the Cloner’s Effectors list and adjust it’s Falloff Weight value until you’re happy with the result.

Alternatively animate the scaling and adjust the animation offsets with the Effector Time settings.


Thanks for the feedback, I’ll give it a shot.


I’m curious to hear your results once you try it.


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