Timeline zoom (not just selected / all shortcuts)


Sorry for such a noob question, but I’m really scratching my head still after looking through dozens of old posts without a working solution.

I just want to be able to scroll in or out fluidly like any other program allows. I’ve found a bunch of VERY old posts that either refer to things that no longer work, or mention a script over a decade old that I’d like to hear is still valid before downloading and installing. None of the +/-, alt, control, right/left mouse combos I keep seeing posted in old threads seem to work.

I’m on a mac, but with PC formatted keyboard (can’t get a decent ergo for mac)

A bit confused as to why such a simple thing is so hard to pin down, but here goes:

I already know how to zoom to selected frames or all frames, but how do I:

  1. Zoom in / out on timeline fluidly regardless of what frames ae there

  2. Scroll the timeline fluidly (the drag past the edge of the window on the timeline thing is slow and tedious)

  3. Zoom to preview range (regardless of whether keyframes are in that range)


‘h’ will frame all the keyframes on the timeline…similar to framing all objects in viewport.

-ALT/OPTION middle drag works the same as it does in the viewport…you can pan along timeline.

-ALT/OPTION right mouse to scale in/out timelime (zoom) (same as vieport)


HMMM… yeah, I’d come across that, but the info was old, and I firgured it was deprecated as it’s not working for me. I must have something disabled somewhere.

h and s shortcuts work fine, but are rarely what I need.

Just to be clear, I’m in the animation window, and when I try a right or left click, the cursor is within the main area (where the keyframes are) of the dope sheet. Just mentioning in case I’m missing some other factor like hovering over something first.

Shouldn’t be the pc keyboard with mac thing… that usually just means I need to switch command and control.


The shortcuts above work in the ‘Timeline’ Window…not on the playback bar.

Works here. I don’t know what context, variables you have on that end.

  1. Hold down ‘2’ and left click in the dope sheet. Dragging right zooms in, dragging left zooms out.
  2. Hold down ‘1’ and left click in the dope sheet. Drag left or right to scroll through the timeline’s length


Shortcuts (other than s and h keys) still don’t work. Not sure why.

The 1/2 drag thing does, though… which is most of what I need. Will try to dig into settings or other reason the others aren’t working later, but I’m back to work for now, so thx.