Timeline auto update?


Hi all,

This may be a stupid question, I’ve tried to find the answer here on the forum without success.

When I work in the timeline, and select another object, can I get the timeline to automatically update?

I’ve found this to be quite irritating for some time, and realized now that I have a habit of right clicking the object in the object manager, scrolling down and clicking “Show F-curves” every time. It seems like a waste of time, how do you guys work in the timeline?



you can setup your timeline to automatically show the tracks for selected objects. Activate “Link View to Object Manager” inside the “View/Link” menu in the timeline window.
When “View/Automatic Mode” is active, it shows child objects animation as well.

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If you want to make that permanent then set the timeline as above then save a blank file as new.c4d in the root maxon folder


Thanks for your replies guys,

Well aware of the new.c4d functionality, but good point!
The link to object-view mode seems to be very useful. Just what I was looking for thanks.
The only thing I didn’t get to work was a few cases where I had a tag with animated properties and it didn’t show in the timeline no matter if I selected either the tag itself or the object.

Also, when I manually right clicked the tag and went under animation->show f-curves, then the object link in the timeline was broken and I had to re-enable it, but that’s no biggie.

Anyways thank you both for taking the time to write and thanks for the enlightenment.


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