timelaps video for deep paint 3d


hey- I know not many people on cgtalk make it to the end of the board but if there was a timelaps video I’m sure it would get alot of attention. I’m just trying to drum up support for someone to do a timelaps video or two using deep paint 3d. I’m one of many who do much better when I can see something in action. So if you read this and think it would be a good idea, please reply so that people can see that you also think it’s a good idea.

I’ve seen alot of good work done with this program and I just can’t seem to get a grip on the few (and I mean few) tutorials out there. That’s not to say that they are no good, just not good for me.



Good idea, im surprise i’ve never thought of that. I’ve done a few time lapse videos in the past.



HellRender… I’m surprised… I find DeepUV and DeepPaint very effective and useful.

You are likely getting small pieces of geometry because you are using the VAMP method. This is not recommended.

Best method: Interactive Cylinderical and then stitch the pieces back together, then align the polys for minimum pixel distortion.

Best of luck,


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