TimeHide Plugin: Now available


My TimeHide plugin is now available for purchase. It is a plugin which helps you to
keep your timeline organized. It is compatible for Cinema 4D R13+ on Windows and R14+ Mac.

Please visit http://niklasrosenstein.de/timehide/ for detailed information and
purchase via PayPal. After the transaction, you will get an Email with the plugin as soon as possible.



Hi Niklas,

again a very helpful plugin developed by you.

Thanks and best regards,


Great plugin! This is how Auto mode should work IMO.



Looks like a great addition. Congratulations!


Nice, Niklas!
You’re a programming machine!

Btw, your english is very good. Perhaps you might also be interested in creating much needed training material of a technical nature? An introduction to Python and the SDK, perhaps?

Congratulations on the latest contribution to our community!

…and a new website, too. You have been busy.


Man, you create some pretty awesome stuff I have to say :buttrock: I don’t mean this one specifically, although it’s a time-saver for sure. It feels reassuring to see so many skilled 3rd-party developers in the C4D community. It’s one of the main reasons I haven’t jump ship.

Congrats on the new website!


Purchased. Hope you keep making tools for us c4d animators :thumbsup: Keep up the good work!


It’s fantastic! Thank you, Niklas!


Thanks for all your feedback!

@ScientiaViz: I was planning to make a live workshop for scripting in Cinema 4D some time in the future. :slight_smile:

I have updated my Website to use WooCommerce. Existing customers should recieve an Email with account information soon. You can then view your order from your account and download the plugin from there alternatively to the download link you have recieved via Email.

Should any customer not have recieved a reply to his purchase, please contact me.


Hi Niklas, just used the login/pwd you provide by email to test your customer dashboard but there is no trace about my order. Just for info…
I’ve already download the plugin from the previous email.
Thanks for this great tool.


Sorry for the invconvenience! Since I upgraded to WooCommerce, I have to enter all orders that have been made before the ugprade manually. I need the billing address of each customer to add the order and give access to the download.

It is fine if you downloaded the plugin from the previous link. But having your order in my system allows you to view the order invoice and download the plugin directly from your account and my system is complete. :slight_smile:

If you haven’t already, please enter your billing information into your account information. WooCommerce will not allow me to grant you the rights to download the plugin files from your account without this information. :wise:

New customers will not have to do this extra step, they enter their billing information when checking out.

Thanks for your patience,



Very nice plugin. :wink:

Can you make it backward compatible (for example R12), or is the functionality not possible in previous SDK versions?

Even though I’m up to date, I find R13 and R14 annoying to use, so I only use them if I absolutely have to, opting to use R12 instead for most of my work.

Cactus Dan


Hi Dan!

I didn’t try R12 to compile to be honest, but I’ll give it a try on Windows. The Mac Version is only supported for R14, not because it won’t compile, but because it doesn’t load in R13. I don’t know why to be honest, I only bought a Mac specifically for the compilation and I don in 't have much experience with it. I read something about XCode incompatibility, but I only use the command line tools, not the IDE.

Unfortunately I am having invoicing and tax calculation problems with WooCommerce (WordPress) a customer made me notice. To not get into a huge mess, I stopped selling for the moment. I don’t want my customers to experience annoying problems such as invalid taxing and wrong invoices, this is why I’m hiring a web developer to set up a judicial correct store.

Best regards,



Yes, to compile on Mac for R13, you’d need Xcode 3.2. If you’re using Xcode 4.x on Lion or Mountain Lion OSX, you will probably be limited to compiling R14 only. :sad:

On my main machine here, I’ve got Mac OSX 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard), but I still have separate folders for Xcode 2.5 (R9 and R10), Xcode 3.2 (R11 through R13) and the Developer folder has Xcode 4.2 (R14).

My old G4 iMac is still running Mac OSX 10.4 (Tiger) with CodeWarrior and Xcode 2.0 still installed. I’m not doing much development there anymore. :smiley:

Cactus Dan


Ah I see, thanks Dan. So not only the IDE differs, but also the command-line tools do? Maybe I can find a way to install XCode 3 or an earlier version of Mac OS besides my current one.

The TimeHide plugin can be bought again, please visit http://niklasrosenstein.de/2013/08/timehide/. Make sure to read the “Please read before you buy” notice!

Thanks to all and the overwhelming interest in the plugin.


Grest Job, niklas. Its these small things that needs to be addressed…great you filled this Gap.
greetings, Holger



If you become a registered Apple developer ($99 yearly), you can get access to download previous versions of Xcode and Mac OS.

Cactus Dan


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