imperioli great art !!! u need to put together a making of… :bowdown:


Awesome image, congratulations on winning!

Can you post some WIPs? Or is there another thread with making of images? That’s always one of my favorite parts of the contests.


i don’t have any thing to say:applause:


Thanx :slight_smile:
i saved my wip, so i think i will post making of in future :slight_smile:


congratulation my friend,
you nailed it!
we are happy for you (all Lithuanian nation) :smiley:


Yeah, this really caught my eye and caused me to take the time to browse the others and look at the inspiration from Yerka, who I’d not experienced before. What a great contest! And your win is well-deserved.


Great entries, were that you people deserved to win. I tried to enter this competition but locked myself too late this time . I’m waiting for the next.
Congratulations, winners !


wow! it make me feel like dreaming. Im a fan of jacek yerka, and u really achieve how jacek yerka’s …


Tikrai gražu, gal kadanors ir aš taip išmoksiu :smiley:
Worth for the 1st place. :slight_smile:


Time wip


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