Nice Work I love it.:slight_smile:


just perfect. a good balance between very peaceful composition, combined with a strong feeling of tense. the choice of the single huge wail, compared to the tiny boat is grate. very much yerka style. colors scheme is cool, and the small houses are well detailed.
hope to see this one among the finales.
good luck :thumbsup:


radkrish - cheers!
lioration - Thanks, appreciated.


Nice, i think this one is my favourite, the mood is great.



fantastic work. It deserves the first prize. Greetings!


Best regards, Selwy


Congratulations! As I said in my previous comment, I Love it!


[left]congratulations for the first place, excellent work, very Yerka.[/left]


Congrats :buttrock:


Congratulations on the first prize. If this didn’t win, I would not have the privilege or opportunity to see such beautiful artwork since I didn’t follow this thread.


I’m not at all surprised you won. Great job!


Well done!! Top job. Mmm, that water…


really great work! Congrats on first place! It looks really masterful in every aspect, and at the same time simple.

Now i can call you SURREAOLI :wink:


Congratulation to get a big fish!.good job


I was really surprised to see I had made 1st place. A great honor!
Thank you very much for your kind words! I really appreciate it!
Aciu :slight_smile:


Very nice work . well done . enjoy that prize!


Well done, Gediminas! Congrats!


Congratulations Gediminas! Well done!


Congratulations. I wasn’t suprised you win. Realy gooooood work in Yerka style and spirit.


Thank you all so much for kind words, i am very happy :bounce: