Fishing time


I like this water wall. Very impressive! Good luck!


omg, that is amazing


I have to say, this is one of my favorites! Good luck!


this is pretty cool…nice concept :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile:
Bigger image:


This is nice, one of my favorites. I like the modifications in this version, though I find the green murky water and blurry fish silos in the first version more mysterious and compelling.
Good luck.


thats very nice work, one of my favorite too.

good luck. :beer:


Very cool!I like it!
Good luck!


That water is great, what with the whale looming out of the depths! Nice architecture too. Good luck!


Labas dienas :slight_smile:
beautiful romantic work!


Enigmatic and serene, I like this.

Good contrast between the detailed building area and the large broad expanse of water. It would have been tempting to fill the sea with all sorts of mad creatures but you’ve held back and I think the image works better for it. Nicely shaded also


Labdien brālis Dana :slight_smile:
paldies paldies:)

Aten Skinner ,

Thanks a lot, glad you like it.


A fine work.I like it!
Good luck!


awesome mood
good luck


Kuziola - thanks , cheers :slight_smile:


Oh thats really nice…Really liked it…Nice subtle colors too…All the very best!


This one is great - it has impact and ambiance and it creates a feeling almost like a slight touch of vertigo.


I love this! Especially the lone tree and fisherman at the top.


Thanks for the comments guys.