Time Warp Project


Excellent art direction! well done!




Absolutely amazing, congratulations!!


Nice work on everything.
However, at some points it could have needed a little bit more work to achieve excellency.
the first thing is the windshield, but that has already been mentioned, so I won’t get into that anymore.
Next thing I found kind of strange is, that the drivers left hand hits the windshield frame pretty hard at 0:55 and there’s still some glass shards in there, but his hand doesn’t even show a bruise. For it to be realistic, it should be cut open and bleeding like hell.
Other than that, I really like your camera work and compositions, well done!



Congratulations and good luck


Amazing work. I look forward to seeing the breakdown.


Amazing work I’ll be waiting for the details :applause:!


looks great…

the only thing that bothered me was that the guy can barely see over the steering wheel to drive…unless the camera POV was from his neck :slight_smile:

good work tho!


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