Time Warp Project


Hi folks, this is my first post here, I guess that is because I always wanted to have

something really worth sharing… I’ve recently concluded my graduation project in

film and video that was made mainly focused on my portfolio. I think it has been

interesting and that is why I am finaly sharing something with you. Hope you enjoy.

Thank you. :thumbsup:

From the moment the red car hits, all we see is entirely CG… The backgroung is a

360º panoramic HDRI I did with a canon 5D during the live action capture

Done in 3Ds max, Vray, Rayfire, Zbrush, Nuke and AE.



Wow! This one looks great! It really deserves front page! Hope you do a making of of this…Congratulations!



That’s really crazy. Looks fantastic.


Wow, great compositing


That was nuts man. Well done. Very unique project.


This is great work from top to bottom. Front page worthy! Nice job!


Nice!!! Very interesting project, seems to converge a lot of techniques in a really nice result!

As it was said, defenetly front page material!
Congrats man.


Amazing work!

I’ve been following your work and its almost unbelievable that you made almost everything by yourself, a lot of work for a single guy, should be in front page for sure!

Congratulations my friend! :beer:


This looks really great :thumbsup: Amazing work!


Amazing! Everything works so well.


Fantastic work!!!

Only thing that bothered me is that the guy didn’t roll on the ground after landing - You got privileged to be able to take us through such a horrendous journey and I just wished you’d given me just a tad more to chew on…
The last twitches of the hand felt slightly unnatural, but I must say YOU FOOLED ME. I thought it was all Live-Action until the moment of the hit. Now after playing it again and again I can’t tell where the transition to the CG occurs. Amazing.



And this isn’t on the front page yet because…?


:thumbsup: Amen! Simply amazing! :bowdown:
Do you have a breakdown or making of video?


oh dude! freaking amazing… really nice work. I thought it was seamless.


I’m very flattered by all the comments. Thanks guys! soon I’ll post some more pictures and details about the tech stuff. I think the project is pretty straightforward, but it’s always good to talk about it!


Really great work man!

congrats!!! ;D


I’m still wondering why this one is not in front page, maybe he should put some making of images and remember the huge amount of work was made by a single guy.
I just had to congratulate him agains, at least got a front page at vimeo. :buttrock:


I like it … and it is great …It is obvious for a CGI artist eye to see the difference between the first part (before the crash)and the second part of the clip (after the crash) …

 But it still amazing and look real ... The problem is the front windshield and how it broke ... I never saw an entire car windshield to be broken into pieces .. maybe some part of it .. but not entirely ... in another hand even if it broke entirely  .. it will not become entirely in small pieces .. windshield mostly come out together .. or in big parts no matter how big the body is going through the it .. !
 Hope this doesn't make you feel bad about your project ... even with my critique it still beautifully done ... 
 Congratulation  and keep the good work  ;-)


Dude, really amazing! the blend between CG and live action is very well done, i thought that the part of the hand in front of the sun when the guy is in the air was live action too, then it blur againg and back to CG, but you said it is all CG, i was like… camon! really fooled me on that! I even came back to the beginning to see if it was really live action! the skin shader is really good! One of the best CG stuff i saw in a long time, made me remember how i felt when i first saw 405: The Movie about 10 years ago


Haha funny, I remember that, still holds up well even to this days…