Time Under The Trees , Alfa Smyrna (3D)


Title: Time Under The Trees
Name: Alfa Smyrna
Country: Turkey
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

Hello Everyone :smiley:

This is my personal scene for self-training,a series of images to practice different seasonal and lighting conditions and how the environment reacts. My starting point was an Australian house: Toorak Residence but I have changed some architectural forms and some materials to fit my practice purpose. So it looks a bit different from this building now.

My purpose was to study how different lighting conditions change the mood of an image, how materials react to nature and seasons, how light shapes and defines our environment. So, I wanted to keep the same camera shot when things are changing.
It was fun for me to work on this scene, and I have learned many new things while working on it.

Thanks for viewing my work and I would reallylove to hearwhat you think about my work if you have time for me.


nice evening scene!
Outstanding greenery! :cool:


Really great work, love how wet ground looks, and the wet glass. Autumn picture the best!


Thanks you very much - I am very happy to receive a comment from a master like you :slight_smile:


hey Alfa :slight_smile:

so finally finish huh!, as Dodgeas3d wrote, you show really well differences between seasonal and lighting conditions, you don’t have to read you post to notice that. I also agree about ground, look really nice :slight_smile:

my congratz for nice update of portfolio.



Very realistic. Very nice details and texturing. Bravo!


1- very good work
2- look is great
3- light very real
4- color very nice
5- your image is amazing

good luck 4 ever :beer:


Thanks to everyone for the kind words. I am very happy that you enjoy my work.

Peter : Hello and thanks my friend :slight_smile:

Some Detail Shots
For now I would like to attach some detail shots and wireframe images:


Amazing work…Congrats! :slight_smile:


Stunning work! Keep it up! :beer:


excellent renderings, 5 * for sure :wink:


very nice works a like Fall this is best for me Keep it



i like the details, very good!


Frontpage quickly before it get’s cold!!
Marvelous work m8! Thank you!

Ps: Frontpage!!


simply stunning, the terrain with stones strewn looks great, the lighting and amount of detail goes into it is simply awesome.


Great lightning and rendering !!!

How do you create these rocks on terrain, using particles or …?


Excellent! :arteest:
good study of lights and environment,all the images are great…
keep working,good luck! :beer:

deserved :thumbsup:


Wow this is looking amazing. Wonderful details and great variety of mood and weather.
Lighting ans shaders are great to… nothing to say 5*


keep working,good luck!


Beautiful garden with perfect details, and greatly rendered. But what i was wondering about is the perspective. It looks like overcorrected by shifting the standards of a studio camera too much, getting already an orthographic impression.