Time Travelers House, Tolgahan Güngör (3D)


Title: Time Travelers House
Name: Tolgahan Güngör
Country: Turkey
Software: 3ds max, VRay

All the Time Traveler’s design ,that I made for Ronen Bekerman Hover challenge is belong to me.Since the begining of the challenge I tried so many different design ideas ( It took a long time ) and I want to share all of these with you.It was an enjoyable and informative challenge.Special thanks to Ronen Bekerman , judges and sponsors.

hope u like it.

If u want to see more WIP images



Dude thats awesome!


Those interior renders are really something… Excellent!


Looks fantastic… How much time did it take to do all this… And how much time did it take to render each frame…


Not sure why there are not more posts here. Stunning and gorgeous work!!!


Outstanding work :bowdown:


This looks so much sci-fi yet it is archviz, very nice visual style and excellent execution. I love the interior shots, they have a very special look. Great!


I saw your piece yesterday in another website.

What can I say…you did an Extreme job.

Modelling, texturing, lighting…it’s all beautiful and perfectly merged together.
Also photographically speaking, you did some beautiful shots.

5* (and much more in my mind), Congrats man.

Edit: I have to add…the best thing is that your work is something like an archViz…but who is watching to these frames can read a story behind them.
And this is not something common for interior/exterior renders.

Congrats again!


I got the chills from looking at this piece. Gorgeous design, love it.


Just one word: awsome!:bowdown: Excelent work.:thumbsup:


Amazing work!! congratulation :applause:


It´s amazing,how many poly?Millions?Billions? ^^


Amazing work.
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I love it! I want to live there, no matter how impractical!

Only comment is, since this is supposed to showcase the cantilever structure, the trees behind it sort of spoil that effect since they almost read as supports.


This is my WIP thread

Ronen bekerman Hover Challange - Tolgahan Gungor

Some mood tests.


:bowdown: All the images are beautyful!


WOW that amazing


Amazing work once again Tolga! nice to see your work here also…


Beautiful indoors… superb lighting… but outdoors… i don’t know. :thumbsup:


Beautiful work. I love it so much! really very much! You even cant imagine how much :bowdown: This should be in CG Choice Galerry undoubtedly.