Time "Parameter" is Not Working in R20-R21 Fields Mograph?



I’m watching this tutorial about Offset and Randomize Keyframed Animation on MoGraph Clones in C4D.
The problem is its a pre-fields era. I can’t recreate it. Is there a change setting for the fields to take effect?

Here is a sample file:

The cloned spheres should be moving as the original sphere is animated/keyed.

P.S. The question is also posted in C4DCafe. I’m getting desperate. lol. Will update each thread accordingly.


YOu haven’t added a xyz parameter in the plain effector. - Tick an axis and add a value and you’re away.



Thanks for the response but that was actually intended (i.e. no xyz parameter) since I already have animation on the object.

My bad, the link was not properly copied here:

The question was answered on this thread: