Time from Traditional Art to DIgital


Hello everyone,

I’m looking for input from people with specific experience training extremely proficient traditional artists (oil painters) to be productive with zbrush? Would you mind sharing about how long it takes for them to become proficient?

Thank you very much.


That’s kind of a subjective question. Some people are able to understand and pick things up quickly but others have a more difficult time. I used to do a lot of traditional pen and ink drawings when I was younger, then I started using CAD programs and 3D modeling programs, which were all very easy for me to learn and become proficient with them. But then came Zbrush, and it took me ages to learn it. In fact, even after years with the program, I still struggle with it.

So to answer your question, I would say it depends on the individual and his/her ability to wrap their head around this crazy program. Lol


Okay, thanks RdeWeese. I have a friend who has been an art teacher at a local school for years who asked how long it would take to learn the software. My thought was along the lines of what you wrote, it really is a different journey for everyone it seems. Thanks again!